Pass the Charmin


Florida freshman point guard Jai Lucas said he didn’t take exception to coach Billy Donovan labeling his players as soft following Wednesday night’s loss against LSU.

“That’s his job,” Lucas said. “When he sees something, the way coach Donovan is, he’s not holding anything back. What he says to the public, he’ll say to our face. So you really can’t say anything about it. We just have to change his demeanor and change the way he looks at us.”

Donovan actually didn’t use the s-word but referred to his team as having “baby skin” and not being hardened the way LSU was hardened following the recent firing of its former head coach, John Brady.
Lucas said he didn’t agree with Donovan’s assessment.

“Some of the things we do are soft as times, but I don’t see us being a soft team,” Lucas said. “But if he sees us as a soft team, we must be pretty soft because he’s won two national championships. Whatever he sees must be right, so we just have to come in and correct it.”