Reaching out to Noah


Florida coach Billy Donovan said he tried to call and text message Joakim Noah yesterday, but has yet to hear back from his former center who helped lead the Gators to back-to-back national titles.

“I’d like to hear where he’s coming from on his end, just exactly what’s going on, and not to say that he’s right or wrong,” Donovan said at his weekly Monday press conference. “But I think the one thing these guys have to understand is that when you become a professional, it’s a job, it’s like going to work there. There are times all of you show up to work and don’t enjoy being around somebody, don’t like somebody but you still are supposed to be a professional and go out there and do your job.

“Know what Jo’s biggest problem is? Jo just wants to win. And when he sees things there are getting in the way of winning Jo has a way to become somewhat demonstrative or loud or speak his opinion. I will never believe that his suspension has anything to do with him being selfish. I think his suspension, if anything, has to do with him wanting to win.”