Postcard from Columbus


The colors from Ohio State are scarlet and gray. I can see why. Everything here is gray ” gray skies, gray buildings and people walking
around in gray-and-scarlet Ohio State windbreakers.

Insurance is big here. There’s the skyscraper downtown which serves as
company headquarters. Across the street is Nationwide Arena,
where the Columbus Blue Jackets played the Los Angeles Kings last night.
Saw a few fans in Blue Jacket jerseys following the game at the arena
district downtown.

Saturday, I took a walk around campus. The students
are on break, so there were few signs of life. The gates of Ohio
Stadium were closed, but I found out through the signs on the building
that the stadium was built in 1922. Many at the time thought building a
60,000-seat stadium on campus was a waste of money. Little did they
know …

Value City Arena has more of a feel of an NBA Arena than a
college gym. Bruce Springsteeen will continue his 401K tour here in
March, followed by Van Halen in April and Celene Dion in September.
Good seats are still available for all three shows.