Gotta be the shoes


When Nick Calathes wore black sneakers during Monday’s exhibition game
against Lynn University, he wasn’t trying to be different.

The 6-foot-6 Florida freshman couldn’t wear the white Nike-issued sneakers the rest of the team wore because his feet are too narrow. So he borrowed some black sneakers from the training staff.

“My foot is kind of weird,” Calathes said. “I need a lighter shoe. I just can’t wear any pair of shoes.”

Calathes’ father, John, said that narrow feet have been an issue for both Nick and his older brother, Pat, throughout their basketball careers. John said that Pat, a 6-foot-10 forward at St. Joe’s, went through six different pairs of sneakers during the course of the season.

John said that Nick bought a new pair of of Air Jordans that he will debut tonight against North Dakota State.

“Ninety-five bucks,” John said. “He put it on my credit card.”