Dialing up the intensity


Sophomore forward Jonathan Mitchell acknowledged it took a little while
for his class to adjust to the intensity of Florida practices this

a freshman, Mitchell faced high skill in going up against Corey Brewer,
Al Horford and Joakim Noah every day. But practices last year had more
of a country-club feel in comparison.

The reason?

paid their price already,” Mitchell said. “They knew what it took to
win in ’06 and I guess coming into it Coach knew how to take care of
their bodies and they knew when to turn it off and on.”

This season, the switch has been turned on since Oct. 13. The first practice served as the biggest shock.

was like a deer in headlights,” Mitchell said. “It was like, ‘Wow,
that’s not how last year was.’ Coach addressed that to us as a team.
… Things were a little different for us. Our minds were a little
cloudy, but he cleared it up for us really quick.”