Billy kids himself


Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan poked a bit of fun at himself Tuesday at a Rotary Club meeting in Gainesville.

Before taking questions from the gathering of about 300 at the Paramount Hotel, Donovan quipped, “If it comes to any career decisions that you need help with, I’m probably not the best guy to talk about it.”

Donovan, of course, was referencing his decision to return to Florida after his brief NBA coaching stint with the Orlando Magic. The joke went over well with an audience that gave Donovan a standing ovation before he received the 2007 Amos Alonzo Stagg coaching award.

“I do think I made a pretty good decision,” Donovan said.

The award was presented for Donovan’s outstanding achievement in guiding Florida to the second of its back-to-back national championships. Past winners of the award include Bill Belichick, Tommy Lasorda, Phil Jackson, Joe Paterno and John Wooden.