More on Noah, Real Sports


Had a chance to watch a promotional clip of the Joakim Noah segment on HB0’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, which first airs Wednesday night from 10-11 p.m.

Without giving too much of it away, the overriding theme compares the former Gator to his father, former French Open tennis champion Yannick Noah. Though they’ve both picked different sports to reach a level of fame, the 12-minute segment shows how they are both similar as showmen, players willing to wear their emotions on their sleeve.

The most interesting footage is of the 12-year-old Noah in France, watching the 1997 champion Chicago Bulls playing an exhibition game against the French national team. Asked if he would rather be the next French Open champion or the next Michael Jordan, Noah replies, “Jordan” in a French accent.

Overall, it’s well done and worth watching. The 6-foot-11 Noah is a can’t-miss subject.