Is Billy gone?


Billy Donovan is reportedly still mulling a contract offer from the Orlando Magic, though a phone conversation between Joakim Noah and Major Parker presented an ominous sign.

During the conversation Noah asked Parker, a former Florida player and staff assistant, if he had accepted the coaching job with the Magic. Noah paused, then responded: “Really, he’s about to be eating a lot of filet mignons. Congratulations Coach D. That’s a lot of money. Orlando is a great situation … a great town.”

After the conversation, Noah said that Parker told him he had just heard that Donovan was considering the extension and did not have any knowledge he was going to take the job.

Parker was Donovan’s first recruit and joined the Florida staff in 2003, but was fired a year later after being arrested on a federal charge of cocaine possession in an undercover sting. Parker pleaded guilty and served six months of a federal charge under house arrest.