Keep the field at 65


To paraphrase a Ron Zookism, watch out for the noise in the system. We’ll
be hearing all week about the NCAA Tournament selection committee, the
injustices of teams that didn’t get in (Syracuse, Florida State, Drexel,
etc.) and teams that did (Illinois, Arkansas). We’ll also hear the argument
spearheaded by Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim and Kentucky coach Tubby Smith
that the tournament field of 65 needs to be expanded. Don’t buy it. There’s
a reason why they call the tournament anthem “One Shining Moment” and not
“One Mediocre Moment.” If you want more games like the SEC Tournament final
between Florida and Arkansas, than expand the field. The best 65 make for
more compelling games. Diluting the field to satisfy the egos of a few more
BCS schools would cheapen the best sporting event in America.