I’m here, bags not


They say you learn about a city from its airport. As I arrived Thanksgiving night, the slots that line the concourse of the Las Vegas International Airport told me this is a town of luck. And advertising. Everywhere you looked, billboard-sized posters of Celene Dion, Toni Braxton, the Blue Man Group (we’ll get to them later) knocked you in the face like a prize fighter. But any hint of luck I was about to have in this town ended at the baggage carousel, where for the fifth time this traveling calendar year Delta was unable to deliver my suitcase successfully. So I’m writing this in my day-old clothes, still waiting. Enough about my problems. Thanksgiving dinner was a buffet at Caeser’s Palace, which mixed traditional turkey and stuffing with shrimp, salmon and crab legs. Pretty tasty. The strip is sensory overload — think Times Square times about three. Shows abound, including the Blue Man Group, which I don’t get. I mean, people pay, starting at $76.50, to watch these guys with blue-painted heads make popping sounds like fish and stick pool vacuums out of there heads. I think if we can get a collection of about $25 together we can get some lifeguards from Gainesville to do the same thing. But that’s just me. Off to the Hoover Dam and of course, hoops tonight. Watch out for Western Kentucky guard Courtney Lee. The pick? Florida wins 76-64. Caio!!