Dooley Noted: It’ll be football season before you know it


In his last podcast for two or three months, Pat reviews the spring game with Robbie Andreu, gives his take on Tiger Woods and the Masters, shares his optimism for the Florida men’s basketball program — and much more.

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Podcast breakdown:

02:41 — Florida’s spring game went well.

07:40 — It’ll be football season before you know it.

14:20 — For the summer, the key is no injuries and no serious trouble.

17:11 — These college football teams are most likely to fool you this year.

24:00 — Discussion with Robbie about spring football and the Masters

42:00 — UF men’s basketball is building a really solid program.

47:00 — Three Things


  1. I’m now a believer that Coach White wont win over a portion of our fan base without a National Title. UT fans are ecstatic having a perennial under achieving in the tourney coach now, because they have never been to the top. Hoping Coach White wins 25 games next year, makes the Final 4 and then leaves 😎

  2. Looking at the Univ. of Florida Gators 2019 Football schedule, I can see 2 scenarios… and only 2!
    Bad outlook first: Florida heads into the Auburn game undefeated and highly ranked. But then loses the Auburn game. Uninspiringly, and like the last 2 years after a loss, many of these Gator players will not ”give it their all” the next few games (see: U.G.A. loss, then losing to Mizzou the last 2 years). Unfortunately then, the Gators lose to L.S.U. (who is hungry for some ”payback,” esp. at Death Valley), and then U.F. loses to U.G.A. in J’ville 3 weeks later. Florida regroups and finshes 9-3, wins their bowl game and gets another ”10 win season.” But with much less fanfare from the Gator Nation than last season’s ”10 wins.”
    Good outlook: Florida heads into Auburn game with same scenario as above, then whips L.S.U. at their house (making the Tiger Nation question their, ”Cajun Coach”). Florida Football continues winning and has to learn quickly ”how to handle success.” As the U.G.A. game in J’ville will be another ”Top 5 matchup.”
    Then in the coolness of the north Florida November air, U.F. triumphantly handles the red & black!
    Florida Football gets their revenge on the hated Dawgs. The Gator ‘D’ picks the passing game of U.G.A. apart (which killed U.F. last year), and puts the Georgia Dawgs’ vaunted Q.B. on his sivler britches for most of the game. Now Florida Football is heading towards an undefeated season, handling all their successes well with the counseling and tutelage of Head Coach Dan Mullen and his #1 boy wonder, Tim Tebow.
    The SEC Championship game results… well… check back after Thanksgiving 2019. Go Gators!

    • GI, apparently the Orlando Sentinel believes LSU has the “toughest out of conference schedule in the SEC” simply because they play a much over-rated Texas (IMO until proven otherwise, and I live 45 miles north of Austin). Now, I reckon that being as the local legends-in-their-own-minds, UCF, is the hometown team, that might have something to do with it…….but I will say that LSU does indeed have a good coach. Just wish I could say the same for their AD! No Sir — I say we beat Auburn like a drum, but I ain’t so sure about LSU yet.

      We just need to win out in the East and out-of-conference against Miami and FSU, at least split one of those West Division games, and not have any dumb attacks along the rest of the way. One game at a time, one season at a time. As Ol’65 would say, FEAR THE CHOMP!

    • GI I great post!. I think we learned how to handle a loss last year after we got over being butt sore from the UGA, Mizzou losses about half way through the SC game. A lot of those guys are here and if in the age of technology they haven’t forgotten then they should be able to handle things better this year. I remember after a loss during the Meyer era they had that loss on screen the next season as a reminder. CDM is different but I think he will keep the team mostly on track. But what you mentioned is part of maturation and they may fall to a trap like Auburn (remember their coach is on and off the hot seat) IF we lose to them I don’t think they’ll wallow in self-pity like last year. The team is still learning how to win, they may stumble once this year but I think they will snap back faster. Rog, I’d up that to 2K and put 6’s check on it.