Richardson re-commits to Gators 2020 class

Anthony Richardson, the quarterback for Eastside High School, throws in a drill during Friday Night Lights, the annual University of Florida football camp, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville July 27, 2018. The annual football camp brings recruits from all over the country to run drills and get the Gator football experience. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida’s 2020 class once again has its signal caller.

After much speculation regarding where the 6-foot-4, 230-pounder would land after backing off a prior pledge to UF, Eastside High’s Anthony Richardson, the No. 12-ranked dual-threat quarterback in the 247Sports composite, announced his decision Saturday to rejoin the Gators.

Richardson, a Miami native who later relocated to Gainesville, opted to de-commit from UF on Feb. 5 after much thought regarding his recruitment throughout Florida’s 2018 season. It likely didn’t help the matter when UF continued evaluating other quarterback prospects, namely highly touted Mandarin High quarterback Carson Beck, who eventually pledged to Georgia.

Ultimately, however, Beck’s recruitment didn’t alter Florida’s pursuit of Richardson, as quarterback coach Brian Johnson continued heavily recruiting the Eastside quarterback throughout the spring.

With Richardson’s return, Florida has received eight verbal commitments in the 2020 class.


  1. This commit sounds real shaky. He could just as easily decommit if we pursue another better QB. This is definitely not a solid Gator ; which only serves to make the coaches look for someone who is!

  2. Let us all remember that this young man still has one more year of Highschool football remaining. He could go from #12 DT to a higher #. Of course he could drop as well. We have to wait and see what transpires this year as he plays his senior season. I think I will be checking his progress during the year just for fun. GO GATORS!!!

  3. I was disappointed when Richardson decommitted. You could see in the photos that he was physically ready for college ball. While Beck looked nice ranking wise, not sure he was either a good fit or an attainable player. People keep thinking that Mullen is a dynamite recruiter or even an excellent recruiter. He’s not. He is a capable recruiter and an excellent coach. I doubt you will ever see him sign 3 or 4 five star recruits. He could sign 1 and maybe a bunch of higher 4 star players. If he can do that, we can win considering he couldn’t do that at MSU and he was still very competitive in a much harder division. It would be nice to see UF and other in state schools make the UGA’s, Clemson’s, BAMA’s, and OSU’s look elsewhere for their top players. Disappointing to see them essentially come into the state like a grocery store and just take what they want.

    • CDM has been Head Coach at one other school. That school simply did not have the chops that UF does. Imo it is premature to judge what type of recruiter he will be at UF, especially given the incredibly thin line you are drawing here. Let’s give him a year or two more to even the playing field alwith the stalwarts because those are the only programs he hasn’t already caught up to or surpassed. I for one would not bet against the man based on what he’s showed us so far.

    • I disagree too. I put more stock in how coaches rank players than some Didn’t 247 just rank a kid a 3 star who didn’t even exist ? And how many kids get their “rankings” bumped as soon as they are offered by a good school? In other words, even the guys who do the rankings themselves have to take into consideration what coaches think. I saw Anthony Richardson personally at the Nike/Elite 11 camp in Orlando in February. This guy has “athlete” written all over him. He could play linebacker. He threw the ball well and ran well. Carson Beck looked like a pastry chef compared to Anthony and I thought Anthony out threw him in many instances. The best QB there was Sims. But Sims , Beck and Richardson were the top 3 QB’s at the camp,and Richardson has the body of a college player now. He is only a kid and has plenty of time before he even gets to college, much less time under Coach Mullen once he gets here. Given that he lives in G’ville, he also has easy opportunities to learn from what we are doing at the practice field now and next year too. He will be great.