Dooley Noted: Why it’s better to be a 10 in the NCAA tournament


Pat examines Florida’s standing and prospects in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, looks at other SEC teams and talks about spring practice for football.

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Podcast breakdown: 

01:06 — Florida makes the the tournament

06:40 — Why it’s better to be a 10

12:50 — Andrew Nembhard’s shot will go down in Gator lore

16:00 — UF seniors, coach Mike White and a look at the SEC teams in the NCAA

26:07 — Spring practice and worries about the O-line

31:48 — The NCAA women’s bracket

36:15 — Three Things


  1. ”…how great a moment actually is until you’re removed from it for a period of time.” -Pat Dooley.
    Pat, ya’ mean like when the ”FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS” beat the SOCIALIST LOVING, COMMUNISTS of the U.S.S.R. in hockey in the 1980 Winter Olympics!?!? USA, the gold medal winning American Hockey team! USA! USA! USA!