Must-see TV for the first week


[Updated] We’re almost there. You can smell college football’s season coming around the corner. And we have a great first week of games.

Eliminating the Florida opener (because we all know how excited Gator fans are to be back in The Swamp), there are some can’t miss games on opening weekend.

Here are my five biggest to start the season:

  1. Auburn vs. Washington in Atlanta: Here’s why it is such a big game. If Washington loses, the downtrodden Pac 12 is going to have a difficult time earning any respect this season. The Huskies are the best team in the conference and this might be as big a game that conference has had in a long, long time. Auburn believes it can win the West again and is a national title contender. The winner of this game is going to have a quality win in its resume. The loser is going to be devastated.
  2. LSU vs. Miami in Arlington: Sunday night football will be electric and if LSU is truly down as so many people think, this could be the start of the Ed Orgeron watch. But if LSU wins, there is a new contender in the SEC. Miami has had a tendency to start fast and fade under Mark Richt. This is a huge game for both fan bases and both coaches.
  3. Michigan at Notre Dame: That’s where GameDay will be and there are some high expectations for both teams. The Irish may be a tad overrated, but a win here would change that. Michigan needs a big game win. Badly.
  4. Tennessee vs. West Virginia in Charlotte: This could be the start of Will Grier’s Heisman campaign and the belief is that the Vols have a rebuilding project under Jeremy Pruitt. But if they can pull off the upset, the perception will be much different.
  5. Alabama vs. Louisville in Orlando: The defending champs have new coordinators and the whole quarterback thing makes this must-see TV, if only because Louisville is dangerous.


  1. I agree that it might be devastating for Washington (and the Pac 12) to lose. Not so much for Auburn. They would still have plenty of opportunity ahead of them to win the SEC and get into the CFP. I don’t agree that beating Miami would signal that LSU is suddenly a contender in the SEC. Miami would be middle of the pack in the SEC.

  2. I personally don’t give a fig about a BIG10 team and that other parochial school, but the rest are delicious and the Alabama – Louisville game could signal the end of an era. (yeah, right, but it’ll still be interesting)

  3. If Abalama (pun intended) loses to Louisville there will be a seismic shift in football. While possible the preseason #1 going down to a unranked team doesn’t happen often but upsets do happen Michigan (#5) V App State (#1 FCS Poll) 32-34 App State. App State got no respect in the commentary jumped out early and kicked a filed goal to win. Auburn has a habit of laying an egg off and on. reports on LSU are they are way over rated. Think coach O’s seat will be scorching if they get blown out. MICH v ND don’t care just wish we had MICH again to avenge the pathetic first game of last year. They’ve had our number for some time. WV has had a 10 win season as their best 2 years ago and lost 4 of the last 6 last year. Grier is good but I think WV is still going to beat TENN even if I’d like to see the SEC sweep their games.

    • 65, I fear that WVU doesn’t just beat Tenn, but kicks their butt instead. I wish, however, for it to be the other way around even if it does give those damn Vols some momentum against us. Auburn over Washington, tho, and I think Miami should not be overconfident against those Cajuns.

      • 6 I always look at it like I want the other SEC teams doing great ’til they lose to us. We look better and they drop a spot or two. Seems that’s the way it went in the 06 year. We surprised a lot of teams, sports people and fans.

  4. If Miami wins, “The U is Back” roar will be deafening. They lose their minds when Miami beats FIU or FAU to start a season. Beating a legit SEC team? It might just be enough of a boost that they go on to win their cute little basketball conference – for once. Geaux Tigers. S-E-C! S-E-C!