2020 Eastside QB Anthony Richardson talks FNL expectations, Florida and his recruitment

Eastside QB Anthony Richardson attends UF's inaugural Gator Grill-Out on Saturday, May 19, 2018 [Photo by Graham Hall/Special to The Sun]

To say it’s been a busy summer for 2020 Eastside quarterback Anthony Richardson might be an understatement.

The offseason has seen Richardson, a 6-foot-4 rising junior quarterback prospect from Eastside High in Gainesville, attend multiple Power 5 camps, including the likes of Clemson, Miami (Fl.) and Florida State. But the hometown Gators have stayed in contact with Richardson daily, leading the rising prospect to attend Friday Night Lights and throw for UF’s coaching staff.

Before attending the camp, Richardson sat down with the Gainesville Sun to discuss his recruitment and recap the summer.

“Mainly I just worked on passing, trying to get better on that,” Richardson said. “Maintain my speed while I’m getting bigger as well. So just focusing on getting better, really.”

With the opportunity to throw in front of the likes of Dabo Swinney, Mark Richt and Dan Mullen came criticism and feedback — which Richardson said he took to heart and worked on employing in his game.

“They were saying just keep throwing how I’m throwing, but just use my legs more,” Richardson said. “Just stay compact while I throw and just keep working.”

Richardson didn’t single out a program’s camp as the most helpful, but rather he was able to take aspects from each and get a complete analysis of his game. Yet throwing in multiple camps doesn’t come without negative feedback, which Richardson experienced both on social media and in person.

“Although I didn’t do my best for some of the camps, I still worked my hardest. And some of the coaches said they still liked what I did,” Richardson said.

A naturally soft spoken yet confident person, Richardson has seen his stature grow around Gainesville and in college football recruiting circles in less than a year — something he’s still adjusting to.

“They’ve changed a lot. My name has gotten really big around the city. I’m just happy for it,” Richardson said. “I’m not a talkative person, but when I have to talk, I’ll speak up and do what I have to do.”

And he’s not someone you’ll hear barking in the huddle either.

“I don’t really talk. Period. I just show up and do what I have to do,” he said.

After Friday Night Lights, Richardson will turn his focus to his junior campaign at Eastside, where the Rams will look to improve upon a 5-4 finish in 2017.

“This team I’m with now, we went to middle school together, so we’re really close,” Richardson said. “We just have that bond, we’ve always had that bond. We just know each other and have fun.”

As for personal expectations? Richardson wants to lead the Rams back to the playoffs.

“I just hope to have a great season, go to the playoffs, probably go to state,” Richardson said. “But just have fun this season.”

As for his recruitment, it’s something Richardson will focus more on after the season. He said he plans to make a decision in his senior year, possibly before the season, although he doesn’t have a leader. However, Richardson did reveal the Gators coaching staff talks to him as much as any program currently recruiting him.

When it comes to FNL, Richardson is focused on two things: having fun and improving.

“Just have fun, talk to the coaches, meet some new people,” Richardson said. “And compete with all the other quarterbacks.”


  1. Hey Graham….thanks for the re-direction, what with all the hoopla going on about Watkins and some of the other less mature Gators of late summer, I had almost forgotten that we had this young man not only on our radar, but right in our backyard as well. Keep up the good work and don’t worry about not having broken the May incident in January, before it ever happened!

  2. I checked Gainesville Eastside’s schedule for next year. Looks like they play Lake Weir, North Marion and Belleview in my area so I will definitely have to check out at least one of those games and I look forward to seeing Richardson play. I still love watching a good Friday night high school football game. Makes you reminisce about the old days and you can snag some good boiled peanuts too.

    • Same here Rob. I absolutely love HS football and being in Flotida, thete are quality athletes and programs in all ateas. I now live in the Tampa Bay area so I get to see all of the area’s gteat progtams..

      • I’m probably the only Gator among us that is not a UF grad, but I’ve been a Gator since I was 13 and that was a mighty long time ago. Went to University of Tampa tho, only took 8 years to finally graduate (with some ugly stuff in between that I wouldn’t take all the tea in China for having experienced)……but I sure do miss Tampa. My heart’s still there……maybe someday!

        • Hey Gator-6, I come from a long line of Floridians going back to the beginning of the 19th century (and in S Georgia before that). We have been Gator fans since it all began, but my generation was the first to go to college anywhere, and then most of us went to Florida. Nonetheless, all my relatives were and are die hard Gators, degree from UF or not; were Gators before many jumped on the bandwagon, and will remain so long after many jump off.

          Now I live in Scotland. Go figure.

          Go Gators! Go Army!

          • Hey Patrick, nice to meet you! Part of my family was from Scotland, later migrated to Eastern Tennessee – Western North Carolina, where they took up as horse thieves and general brigands-at-large. Most of them were hung, the smarter ones further migrated to Florida following the unpleasantness of 1861-65, and pretty much settled in and around Avon Park-Sebring. Despite their humble beginnings as Vols, Tar Heels, and Wolf Packers, subsequent generations have all been Gators. Well, save for one errant cousin who had the temerity to go to FSU; I’d do something about that, but a) he’s bigger than me, and, 2) he’s my last living relative anyway.

            So the million dollar question, of course, is how you did you wind up in Scotland? And, naturally, do you get SEC Network over there?

          • Alright Patrick. You need to get a Gator Club started up over there. Of course they have to wear Orange and Blue kilts every game day! Never been to Scotland but from what I’ve seen on tv it is a beautiful country with great people.

          • They make a pretty damn good whiskey too, Rob…..not that I drink it anymore. We’ve got a Scottish shop here in Salado, Texas as a matter of fact. Think I’ll go down Monday and see what clans mix orange and blue.

            Before anyone gets upset, that’s clan with a “C”, and not a “K”!

          • Patrick…a lot of it’s age as many only know of the 90s and on, but it’s always nice to know die hards pre 1990. I was on Campus during the Galen Hall to SOS transition. My fav teams to this day beside the 96 team are the 83, 84, and teams. The 84 team was the best in the nation by end of the year and the 85 team was the first to ever get the #1 ranking. I remember 0-10-1 well…so those years were glorious.

          • It’s a long story regarding how I ended up here. I spent a lot of years overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, met a girl here, had a kid… I have jokingly started the “Hebridean Gator Club” with membership of 2. Just me and my son. I did a pretty funny video with that, with my son basically being bribed/coerced into joining. I Also played We Are The Boys on the bagpipes. Wish I could somehow share it with you guys. You would love it. I watch the games online when I can.

            Ah, Gator-6, I have an FSU fan cousin too. She has been one since we were kids, I think simply to be contrarian.

            I too was at Florida during the Hall/SOS transition. Those were great times. I also went to a lot of games during the early 80s when my older sister was going there.

      • Typos everywhere on my post from the smart phone….yikes!!

        Gator 6..If so…who cares…I have relatives who went military and just guys who grew up here that picked the right school to be a fan of 🙂 My dad went to grad school there in the Nat Moore days and brought me around and he always says how he saw a young kid no more than 4-5 literally fall in love with the Gators. Fast forward and in my area, we were HUGE Cris Collinsworth fans, also Wes Chandler and of course Wilber Marshall. My sister and I followed suit. That said, I would be a Gator fan no matter what. It’s all I know from prob ’75 to now!

        Go Gators

        • It shows Smith….believe me. That’s what life long Gators are made of, you can’t understand it unless you are one. Same with my old man, God rest his soul — he lived long enough to see 2 years of the SOS era, but didn’t get to see the rest.