Beyond the Arc: 3 Takeaways from UF’s 72-60 loss at Georgia

Georgia forward Rayshaun Hammonds shoots against Florida during the first half Tuesday in Athens, Ga. (Joshua L. Jones/Athens Banner-Herald via AP)

Three observations following Florida’s 72-60 loss to Georgia on Tuesday night at Stegeman Coliseum in Athens:

— It’s not an official stat, but Florida must lead the SEC in missed dunks. The Kevarrius Hayes missed dunk with 15:55 left in the second half was one of several missed chippies in and around the basket that hurt the Gators. Florida went just 14 for 37 on two-point shots.

— Florida junior guard Jalen Hudson, who has been steady for most of the season, took some questionable and borderline selfish shots Tuesday night. On one fast-break opportunity in the first half, rather than dish to open point guard Chris Chiozza on the wing, Hudson drove into the teeth of two Georgia defenders and took a bad shot. He went 3 of 14 from the field and finished with just nine points, ending a string of eight straight games scoring in double figures.

— Florida is at its worst offensively when it slows down the game and gets deep in the shot clock in half-court situations. Credit Georgia in part for digging in defensively, but the game had a similar feel to late meltdowns this season against Duke, Clemson and Ole Miss, when the Gators were unable to get quality shots down the stretch. Florida coach Mike White blamed himself for playing certain players too many minutes, but perhaps the Gators would be better served by picking up the pace late rather than slowing down in the halfcourt.


  1. Great takes on the game, Kevin. Unfortunately, this just may not be our year in hoops. Looks a lot more like UF is going to play .500 ball going into the SEC tournament, which probably makes us a 21 or 22 win team with 12 or 13 losses. Probably enough to eek in as a 9 or 10 seed (I emphasize the term probably), but the prospects of getting out of the first weekend of the big dance without a formidable inside presence, and inconsistent shooting, don’t look really good. The Gators miss you, big John..

  2. Here’s Florida’s offensive set: Chiozza walks the ball slowly up the court. Everyone else goes to their spot and stands there. After crossing over the half court, Chiozza dribbles around and burns some shot clock like they are holding for the last shot of the half. With about 10 seconds left in the shot clock, Chiozza runs the play. Chiozza drives or passes, they make a couple of passes hoping for an open look but don’t find any, they are nearing the end of the shot clock, someone heaves up a prayer from long distance with a hand in their face. The prayer goes unanswered and Florida players are already back on defense as Georgia rebounds. Why are they slowing down the game? Why is there no sense of urgency until the shot clock winds down while they are trailing?

  3. As a 5’6″ teenager, I could block out better than the Gators can. It’s not hard. All you do is turn your back when the ball goes up, spread your arms, maybe back up on your man and don’t let him man get by. If every Gator did that, maybe one or two of them might get some rebounds.

  4. Too much dribbling and not enough ball movement. Hayes is inept at offence. The confidence wanes when there is physical play. Stone is not aggressive enough and passes up open looks too much. The team is weak defensively and will exit early if they make the playoffs. Sign bigs please to offset size difference in SEC matchup. NOW !

  5. Well, according to a ”” writer, ”we (fans) care more than the players and the coaches.”
    And it’s NOT the writer who writes these good, informative articles on Gator Basketball, either.
    Go Gators! Damn right… I care (especially when they get their Gator butts handed to them in basketball & football by red & black leg-humpers).

    • Sadly the writer is correct. We as fans, short for fanatics, definitely care more than most players and coaches. Why do you think fans are shocked when a high school kid chooses another school? We see everything in orange & blue glasses around here. I don’t think this team is as talented as “we fans” would like to believe it is. Maten is a better big than any guy on our team at this point. Hard to admit but sometimes the other team is better than us.

  6. It’s a problem with basketball, though the Gators seem particularly plagued by it: by driving to the basket you automatically give up a chance at 3 points. The most you’re likely to get is 2. So players persist at shooting 3s, even if they aren’t making them. They get mixed signals from this coach a bit whether to shoot 3s or drive to the basket.

    • There are no “mixed signals”! It’s called modern basketball. The objective is to get the ball in the hands of shooters who can take uncontested shots. If the shooters on our team get an open look at a 3, they are instructed to take a 3. No mixed signals. Simple stuff. The problem is the lack of a big down low that can be a real threat to scoring in the paint. This allows opponents to defend the perimeter more diligently. Coach White is trying to work with what he’s got, but he doesn’t have much to work with. Kevaun Allen has taken huge steps backwards in his offense this year. Hayes has no offense in his game. Egor is wildly inconsistent. Chiozza is a streaky shooter. Hudson had a lousy game last night. The younger bigs have not stepped up yet. Point is, this isn’t a coaching issue. It is (i) lack of healthy personnel and (ii) lack of execution.

    • Dude, Otis, what are you talking about? This is what ANY good basketball coach in THE WORLD tells his shooters under normal game circumstances: “If you have an open look, shoot it. If they are over playing you on the perimeter, shot fake or jab step, and drive to the basket.”

      Really don’t think their confused about whether White wants them to shoot or drive. Lmao.

  7. “Teenage girls is my main baby but I like boys, also. Hell, I could do a better coaching job than Mike White — guaranteed! The problem is though that I won’t be available until around the year 2168.” — Dr. Larry Nassar, former doctor for U.S. Olympic gymnasts and Michigan State University employee, just adding a little smack

  8. Our players don’t hustle. Our coach can’t coach late in games. We can’t shoot, we can’t pass, we can’t dribble, we shoot to quickly, we drive wildly into traffic. It’s a complete disaster…except for when we win. Then it’s all good and we are tough, scrappy, great shooters with excellent ball movement. So if we win more and lose less then our crappy coach and lazy players will turn into an elite coach and All-Americans. Simple! #IWishPlayersCaredAsMuchAsMe

  9. By the way,, we need to be fair to our coach, Miss White, and I don’t want to appear I’m piling on regarding losing games in which Florida was favored — White has SIX this season. Even national champion, Hall of Famer and UNC douche bag, Sir Roy Williams, has lost FOUR this season when N. Carolina was favored. Tony Bennett at Virginia, for example, has won EVERY game this year when his team was favored.

  10. A very strange team to understand their efficiency without a big presence in the middle. Eqbunu needs to get back on the court for me to really understand if this team is going anywhere. 20 years a basketball coach and the Gators continually make me scratch my head. I sit there thinking “What is it they don’t understand about defense and rebounding. And why does the offense suddenly disappear?” I am stumped. This is a team that has beaten Cincinnatti and Gonzaga, had Duke by 17 but lost, beat Tex. A&M, Missouri and Kentucky all on the road, then lose at HOME to medicore S. Carolina and get whacked by 12 to a sub-par Georgia team in Athens. Go figure cause I can’t. And please stop saying White needs to go. That’s always the first answer from people who don’t understand the game. He might not be Billy Donovan, but he might not be the real answer. Wait.

  11. A great take from the game is that you live by the 3 you die by the 3. All Coach White knows is to shoot the 3 and not defend the 3. Florida’s bigs are not great shooters and needs to get better on defense. Without a legit big guy, Florida has to depend on the 3’s to win a game. One day they are hot, the next they are not.

    • The Gators shot 34% from 3 and held GA to 32% from 3. Yes, GA hit more total 3’s than they average, but their percentage wasn’t good. The Gators shoot 38.5% from 3, which is a very good team percentage. When you can do that, the 3 point shot has to be a weapon for you. This “live by the 3, die by the 3” cliche is overused. Teams that can’t shoot the 3 live and die in the paint. It’s not like teams that try to go inside for their points win every game. It’s good to have balance, and you’re right that UF’s lack of a player with offensive skills in the post is problem. UF has to score its paint points on fast breaks and drives to the basket. Against GA, Egor had 6 points in the paint, Allen had 6, Chiozza had 4, or maybe 6, and, of course, all of Hayes’ and Gak’s points were paint points. Failing to keep GA off the offensive glass is what doomed the Gators in this game.

      • K Hayes hasn’t progressed since his great run in the SEC and NCAA tourney last year. His offensive ball handling inside the paint this year has been, well, not good, and I think he may lead the team in missed dunks. Add to that K Allen shooting like an NBA player on some nights, and a YMCA player on others, and you get a team that looks like a juggernaut on some days, and an NIT team on others. I don’t think it’s a lock we make the big dance this year, and even if we do, we won’t be there for long if J Egg doesn’t come back and provide some productive minutes down low.

  12. We lost a conference game on the road where we couldn’t buy a bucket in the last 10 minutes, it happens. Yes, this team is in love with the 3, but we have little inside post presence. And to the rats, please leave the ship.