2018 OL Griffin McDowell flips commitment from Mississippi State to Florida


With just nine days until Signing Day, Florida’s 2018 class flipped a commitment from Mississippi State.

Griffin McDowell, a 6-foot-4, 280-pound offensive lineman from Leesburg (Ga.) Lee County High, announced he was flipping his commitment from Mississippi State to Florida following an official visit last weekend with the Gators.

Ranked the No. 22 center in the 2018 class by 247Sports, McDowell had been recruited to Mississippi State by offensive line coach D.J. Looney, who took a job at Louisiana-Lafayette following head coach Dan Mullen’s transition to Florida.

With McDowell’s commitment, which is non-binding until he signs a letter of intent Feb. 7, Florida has three unsigned commitments in the 2018 class.


  1. Richard. Since the SEC broke into East and West divisions, Florida has gone to the SEC title game more than any team in the SEC, much less the SEC East. Florida has won the SEC East 12 times and the SEC title 7 times during that period of time. The closest team in SEC East wins is Georgia with 6 SEC East titles and 3 SEC championships. And Florida is the only team from the East to win a national title during that period (three actually). So, not sure how Florida becomes the “new” power in the East next season. Florida IS the power standard in the East that all other teams in the East are striving to achieve. And it is going to take more than one year for any of them to change the East power standard that Florida has set in divisional and championship achievement. But, hopefully, Florida will return as Eastern Division champs soon.

    • I see your point, but I would not describe backing any of the teams from the last four years as powerful. In fact, they ranged from bad to mediocre and only won the East on a couple of occasions because the other teams sucked even more. It’s been quite some time since Florida was a power team that others feared, but those days are fast returning– thus, the rising new power. Mushbrain and Captain Crooked Teeth are gone, and they days when beating Vanderbilt and Kentucky was good enough are over!

      Rise up, Mighty Gators, and reclaim the glory that is your right! Win rings, crush your enemies and do not ever settle for mediocrity again!!!!

      • That’s ok, only reason I know is because I live in Tennessee and there are still a lot of delusional Vol fans driving around with 20 year old specialty license tags celebrating that title. I despise UT, but have to give credit where it’s due.

        • You’re hostage in a hostile land up there, jon. Know what you mean though, I had some house guests a couple of years ago who were both Vols–nice folks but the longest week of my life when it came to any conversation even vaguely related to football. “One trick ponies” is the term we apply to it out here in Texas!

          • It’s not really as bad as it used to be here in the Nashville area Gator6. Nashville has grown by leaps and bounds and there are large groups of fans and alumni from all over the SEC and other conferences. The Alabama fans are actually worse currently than the UT fans.

  2. In Mullen I trust so if this guy is who he wants at C or G then welcome home kid.
    Dang it Ricky great SEC history lesson and all but it’s the way you say it man. IDK just the way you come across like you’re pissed off or impatient with the previous poster. Try to be nicer if you could after all we are all Gators here, like brothers in arms, don’t ya think?

    • I think Rick was just referring to the “new power” part is all, not to Richard personally, CO. Maybe “returning power” would be more accurate. That said, Richard always makes strong points, and I’m glad to see Rick posting again, hopefully without that little turd mimic attached.

        • Yeah, Rick gets a little edgy at times with the passion behind his comments (not the only one, for sure)….so I get that folks will bust his chops now and then just ‘cuz. Done it myself a couple of times. None of us really “know” each other in a personal sense, but I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy sitting down with him and smoking a good cigar while talking football….the guy has a depth of knowledge that I really admire. Reminds me of a CSM I had once, really forceful in comms, but he knew what the hell he was talking about. To tell you the truth, there’s a lot of guys on this forum I’d like to meet. Good ju-ju.

    • Mikey:

      Here you go projecting your insecurities about the Semihole football and basketball programs onto the Gator programs. Most Gators will happily take Strickland, Mullen and White over whatever your obscure AD’s name is, Slick Willie and Hamilton. Talk about mediocrity.

      In addition to Gator Derangement Syndrome, discuss with Dr. Winters your tendency to project and exhibit multiple personalities. I really am worried about you.

      • As computer illiterate as I am, I wonder how he gets away with that….one email account and multiple screen names with it here? Or several email accounts each with it’s own screen name here? If anybody can clue me in before I ask my grandson, please do.

          • Well CO, you just described me too! But for all the work lists my wife keeps posted for me to do and sneaking off to the shooting range when she ain’t looking, I could probably get away with walking around in my boxer shorts most of the day. Works though, that is, building up creds for next college football season when I always dig my heels in and refuse to even hit a lick at a snake when the Gators are on. Absent that, a good pout usually does the trick.
            I asked a friend’s son and he said you’re probably right, so next I’ll break down and humiliate myself to my grandson again.

          • Gator-6 don’t sell yourself short my man. If you have lots of spare time on our hands good for you. You worked hard and earned it and now you are enjoying it and a part of that is coming here to connect with fellow Gator fans. Nothing wrong with that. When I said our resident troll has tons of time to waste I didn’t mean it that way. You are a Gator fan posting on a Gator site, he is not. You are (probably) retired, he is jobless. You have a wife, family, grandson, he does not.
            You are here enjoying life and wanting to talk all things Gator that you and I both love, he is here to troll, insult, cause dissent and stir the pot. Big difference.
            Go Gators!