OL Andrew Coker de-commits from Florida’s 2019 class


Andrew Coker, a 6-foot-7 offensive lineman out of Katy (Tx.) Taylor High, de-committed from Florida’s 2019 class on Monday night.

Coker committed to Florida back in June after camping at UF, and he’s continued receiving offers from the likes of Arkansas and Missouri in recent weeks.

The Gators now have just three verbal commitments in the 2019 class following Coker’s departure.


      • And just think of it oldman, by 2036 it probably won’t matter if he’s a boy, girl, or other. Just think of the potentials. Well, it probably won’t be called “football” by then either, but what the hell. Oh yeah, and I’m crushed beyond the will to live by this recent news. I kind of think Mac’s Stinker below might be onto something about clearing the deck. Dunno. Could be?

        • Don’t kick the bucket, yet. Things can’t get much worse than what we’ve witnessed the last seven or eight years. They need to clear the deck of some of Muschamp’s recruits also. I’m afraid there wouldn’t be more than 35 or 40 players on scholarship if they did that, though.

          • Not planning to, hell, if I do I want a nurse on my chest doing compressions while they lower me into the grave! Just in case, you know.

            The more I’ve thought about it though, I really hadn’t looked at it that way before you, Mac’s BBQ, and Rog were talking about it….does make sense now. With the case of the 9 settled and looking at open scholarships, that would be a great plan.

    • A player would want to commit if they have a personal connection to that school. If your entire family is Gators why would you want to go anywhere else. Obviously most players don’t have such connections, and they often are swayed by coaches making promises that they might not be able to keep.

    • I’ll be discussing all my thoughts and opinions on last weekend’s visitors, this upcoming weekend on Thursday via Facebook Live, it will then be posted to this site. But I think they made the most headway in the recruitments of Griffin McDowell and Andrew Chatfield last weekend, so keep an eye on those two prospects. I’ll have a visitor list up early Friday for the final weekend once we know everyone who will show up, although I’ll be discussing who the staff expects to show up on Thursday’s Facebook Live, hope to hear from you all.

  1. I don’t worry too much about de-commits….especially for 2019 or beyond. With the coaching change, it is likely that the new staff went to a few of these guys and said “I know you’re committed to UF but you may want to take a look at going elsewhere”. It’s all about getting guys that fit your program and its better to not have a roster with guys who just aren’t who you want as a coaching staff.