Ohio State WR Trevon Grimes transferring to Florida


Former UF coach Jim McElwain didn’t land Trevon Grimes, but he’ll be a Gator anyway.
The former St. Thomas Aquinas standout signed with Florida on Friday, as new UF coach Dan Mullen confirmed via his Twitter account.

“Welcome to the Florida Family @Trevongrimes8 #AllBite18,” Mullen wrote.

Grimes, the No. 6 wide receiver in the 2017 class by 247Sports, was one of the most highly recruited wide receivers a season ago before eventually signing with the Buckeyes over Florida. He finished his career at St. Thomas with 42 receptions for 770 yards and 11 touchdowns, notching an average of 18.3 yards-per-reception.

As a freshman this season, Grimes saw the field in just 2 games with Ohio State, hauling in three receptions for 20 yards before temporarily leaving the program in October, citing “family health issues.”

“I just felt like (Florida) fit for me. It’s close to home. Of course, being in my situation that I’m in right now, I have to be close to home,” Grimes told the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

Barring an exception from the NCAA, Grimes must sit out a year before being eligible to play for the Gators.


      • Sly, as an STA alum (and former QB there), I saw Allen play a few times on TV and I like his arm and moxie. That said, I have to agree with your assessment on his athleticism as not being the best fit for the Mullen spread. I hope he sticks around but may need to look elsewhere for a starting opportunity. he could be a good fit up here in North Carolina. Have not seen Trask in action, but suspect he may begin looking as well.

  1. BTW, according to Scout, Van Johnson and Trevon Grimes will reduce the number of recruits for the Gators for 2018–but what HUGE SURPRISES–and he’s already been cleared by UF admissions per Scout. Next, he has to receive a waiver from the NCAA. Welcome to Gator Nation!!! Already, we are seeing the impact of Dan Mullen and his new QB, Emory Jones!

  2. Hope the lemmings went ahead and jumped. Wow. Signed a proven SEC receiver. Then went and stole one of OSU’s top commits from 2017. Then went and took one of OSU’s top recruits from 2016. Not bad for first 3 weeks. Find it interesting that he chose between Miami and UF to be closer to home. Miami is 1 hour away from STA. UF is 5 hours. I guess the days of taking 5th year career backup quarterbacks as your next starter is over. Bye bye MceLOSER. Swinging for the fences instead of for the infield.

    • I am actually not surprised that he chose UF over UM. AFAICT, he was hoping not to transfer. This is something that Urban Meyer likely suggested and/or facilitated given his relationship with Mullen… just like I think UM was somewhat OK with Emory Jones coming to UF. Mullen and Meyer are brothers and I am sure that UM wants more than ever for UF to eventually be a torn on Saban’s side now that DM is our coach. Anyway, regardless of the conditions that lead him to resign, Urban truly belongs in the University of Florida Football Ring of Honor and I hope to see him inducted one day… Though not so much while he is Ohio State’s coach… That would be totally awkward.. hehe. Well, rivalry aside, I am forever grateful to UM and also DM for these 2 National Championships to go with SOS’s maiden NC. Hopefully Mullen can lead us to double that total one day.. If not, then I’ll be just as pleased with multiple SEC championships and one more NC.

      • I didn’t even think of that, Larry. What a great point and well within the realm of possibility. You know, these head coaches get demonized so much any more, often just because they coach an opposing team, and people forget that there’s a brotherhood among them too. A competitive brotherhood, true, but a brotherhood nonetheless. I always recall, for instance, how much Steve Spurrier did for Lou Holtz when his wife was very ill several years ago.

      • I don’t know Urban to say if he’s a good guy, but he sure was entertaining. Let’s let the record speak for itself. I’m not certain everyone would be singing his praises if his buddy hadn’t been hired, and all the rose colored glasses were re-attached to your noses. Urban did a lot for the program, for certain. Much of it by installing tradition and dedication to the school, if mainly on the surface. Two championships, yes. Outstanding defenses, yes. Attitude and toughness, yes. 36 arrests in 6 seasons, yes. Program destruction leading to health issues, yes. Cupboard empty for Muschamp’s first year, yes. My theory is that if not for Tebow, very few would have anything positive to say about Urban other than two NCs, and without him, we have at least one fewer. Tim covered up a lot of the program’s sins. Give me SOS’s one NC in 12 years any day over Urban’s run. All things considered, with Mullen, I’d be happy to have fewer national championships in exchange for a cleaner program, competitive in-conference every year, and far more stability than the white-hot tenure of Meyer’s.

    • Right? It was so disheartening a year ago when the Brothers Dummie were pounding their chests proclaiming their greatness based on their ability to get a career backup from a losing team to sign with Florida like it was some Olympian acipchievemnt. It was comical and then they were comparing him to Applebee promising he would elevate the play of everyone around him and it became such a huge joke that these pitiful clowns actually couldn’t see how ridiculous it made them look to be forever chasing cast offs from mediocre programs. I am sure even now Nussmeir is sitting by his phone wondering why it isn’t ringing based on his own delusional perception of his “epic achievements.” I can bring in all kinds of mediocre back ups, he must be thinking. It’s like people don’t realize my greatness?

      So glad we have a winner in place now getting real results and bringing in awesome players who will compete for titles and win win win!!!!

  3. This gets interesting. Urban is a big time negative recruiter. When MceLoser and MusChump were here, it was easy for him to talk down coaching. What does he do now? Talk down his old offensive coordinator that helped him produces his 2 most successful qbs and talk down the school where he won 2 NCs? He’s in a real pickle now.

  4. Mullens and Urban are still close buddies, and in this case Urban may have helped this young man to head to Gainesville. Urban may have determined that the young man was home sick and possibly not fitting into OSU’s plans because of depth chart issues – lest NOT forget these are 18 and 19 year olds who may NOT have the maturity to handle being 1500 miles from Home …. lets hope he matures and flourishes in Gville

    • lets cut Urban some slack … the man left Florida for Ohio State where his roots run deep …. cannot fault the man for going home – not much different then Scott Frost leaving Central Florida for his home – Nebraska

      • It really isn’t Scottie, and that’s a good point. Who knows all the dynamics behind the scenes during that time–we can only speculate, really–but w/o going into my credentials to speculate on this part, it was pretty clear that Urban was physiologically responding to enormous pressures at Florida, which set up what were essentially autonomic dysfunctions, some of which appeared cardiovascular and potentially serious. Not uncommon at all, everyone responds to stress in one or more systems–GI, CV, etc. I think of it this way–much less stress at OSU, still a high profile job, he’s back on home ground, he’s got to beat Michigan but a good year keeps him going absent a national championship. Who the hell can blame the man? Besides, say what you will, he’s a great coach.

      • I agree with you that we should cut Urban some slack and appreciate the two national titles and great years with Tebow. It was a great run and a lot of fun. However, to set the record straight- he did not leave Florida for Ohio State. He had no way of knowing that Tressel would get fired a year after he left Florida to take some time off and work at ESPN. When the job came open, and he found out his health problems were in his head not his heart, he obviously wanted back in the game and it was a good opportunity for him, close to home. I was personally glad the guy quit Florida instead of having to be run out, because it was obvious he had burned out. I don’t buy that he left the cupboard empty. He had top recruiting class after top recruiting class. Yes, there are obviously always holes to fill, but the next coach sucked, and it is always the same excuse for coaches that suck- the last guy didn’t leave any good players. Also, if whatshisname hadn’t stolen a laptop, just think how good Meyers’ last year at UF might have been?

  5. Urban cut and run when the going got tough. How convenient and don’t we wish we could all do that when our job presents difficult challenges. On the way to the last bowl game, half the team would not even get on the bus with him. So he faked a tummy ache and split, supposedly to spend more time with family ….. code for I quit. Yes, we were walking in clouds with the titles and it was fun. But the ring of honor is for the honorable.

    • Bill, I live in Texas and don’t really get any of the insider stuff. Or did I just flat miss the part about, “half the team would not even get on the bus with him”?

      Not throwing shade at you, buddy, (what ever throwing shade means)….just really want to know about that.