UF’s 2018 class loses second commitment in 24 hours


Florida’s 2018 class lost its second commitment in as many days with the departure of offensive lineman Curtis Dunlap, Jr.

Dunlap, a 6-foot-4, 368-pound prospect out of IMG Academy in Bradenton, announced his de-commitment from the Gators via his Twitter account.

Dunlap committed to UF offensive line coach Brad Davis before Friday Night Lights in July, but Davis’ transition on new coach Dan Mullen’s staff has given the four-star recruit plenty to consider. Dunlap has already taken an official visit to Arkansas and has a visit set up for this weekend to Minnesota.

With Dunlap’s de-commitment, the Gators have 13 commitments in the 2018 class.


  1. Comparing him to Bleich it is obvious he doesn’t have the skill set Dan in looking for in O linemen. Going to be a lean year for offensive recruiting because of the change in offense scheme. All the 4 and 5 star guys that fit Dan’s system are committed elsewhere and Mac’s recruits are not the best fits for what Dan wants to run.

  2. UF will never land an IMG player. IMG is wholly owned and operated by F$U. They are all silent commits to F$U and it is done with the intention of Florida closing its recruiting on that position, deceived into thinking they are full at that position. Jimbo was expert at it and I am sure Taggart will do the same. Muschamp was wise to it, but Mac actually hired his strength coach from IMG who promptly sabotaged the strength program.

    • Lol. You, my friend, are an idiot. Nice conspiracy theory though! “ The strength coach sabotaged the program.” Hilarious. I need to quit reading the comments section on these articles. Over the years I’ve become so ashamed of being a Gator fan. Largely because of dumb statements like that.

      • Suggest you do then, LT (quit reading comments). Not saying at all that you’re not a bright guy or even knowledgeable, but you have a manner, apparently, that turns even the most benign thoughts into something adversarial. Room for lots of different opinions here, buddy-rho, maybe take your narcissism somewhere else.

  3. So, Stricklin tells Kelly who to keep on staff in order to secure the recruiting class Mac had.. Kelly says F off to that and we hire Mullen who is gonna be able to secure those recruits we have .. now, we are losing most of the recruits.. GREAT JOB STRICKLIN…!!

  4. Why are we so worried about the Mac recruits? Don’t mean to be harsh but I’m not impressed by any of the Mac recruits. Let’s see what shakes out with the Mullen recruiting. He’s hot on it and I’m sure that a lot of the MS boys are going to follow their coach to UF.

  5. @Gary – I’ve looked but can’t find the “wholly owned and operated by F$U” connection. I do see that Chris Weinke ran the football program from it’s beginning in 2010 until he left in 2015. But that’s all I’ve been able to uncover. It’s a division of IMG Inc (img.com) which is owned by William Morris Endeavor (wmeentertainment.com). The fact that F$U gets IMG players regularly and UF never gets any sure sounds like what you’re saying has credibility. Can you offer some insight into the F$U influence? Thanks.

  6. WOW, dropping like flies! Dont get it, we have a better coach, set of coaches and a better strength program. Odd the recruits cant see that! Maybe they are afraid of a little work but you dont get better without the effort. Oh well, usually happens with a new coach, takes time to bring in his own guys, wont be this year! Im still way happier with the direction of the program.

  7. Apparently some on here do not get it. How did some of Mac’s recruits fare for us the last couple years? Uhhhh, not so spectacular. The future recruits we are losing are Mac’s recruits also. There is a reason for this. Their decision to leave is mutual and obvious Coach Mullen does not want them. We have a new Coach, trust the process and let him get the guys he needs to turn this around.

  8. Guys. Just look at Bleich’s tape. And I think they plan to move him to center – Dunlap’s position. He’s a brawler. Dunlap way over weight. I’m stoked by the potential of this Oline class. You want players that Mullen knows he can win with. Isn’t that the most important thing?

  9. Guys….this happens with change. Really no big deal if you truly wanted a coaching change…par for the course especially when the offensive philosophy is a different scheme. When Mac came on it was slow motion as well until the end. Cats are already critiquing Mullen smh..