The Sunday Blog, from the other Columbia: Tricks out

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks attempts to elude South Carolina defensive lineman D.J. Wonnum during the second half Saturday in Columbia, S.C. South Carolina defeated Florida 28-20. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

The Sunday Blog comes at you after another season changing college football Saturday … except at Florida.

  1. Again, no trick plays. No jet sweeps, just guys running in motion for no apparent reason. This is an offense that relies on broken plays and the running game and when the running game is abandoned it’s a tough road. Also, Florida is in such bad shape on the offensive line that players are getting tossed around like rag dolls in a dog’s mouth. Two more games. Two more.
  2. Give Mark Richt credit, even if you have to do so reluctantly. He has reinvented himself in Miami with his goatee and turnover chain. It has been a perfect storm for the Hurricanes with a schedule that set up nicely and a team that bought in. Hey, we need a villain in the playoffs, right?
  3. It’s funny how the hot seats change. Gus Malzahn’s is cooler than the other side of the pillow. There seems to be no doubt that Barry Odom will be back at Missouri after easy wins over a pair of dumpster fires (Florida and Tennessee). The over/under on new coaches is tricky because there is a chance Ole Miss could keep Matt Luke. Could it be as low as three?
  4. So my AP ballot top four went as follows — Alabama, Miami, Clemson and Oklahoma. I think about Alabama-Oklahoma in New Orleans and get all giddy. I gave a lot of consideration to both South Carolina and Kentucky but left both SEC teams out. And I still don’t know what to do about USF.



  1. Hate to say as a Gator fan but the U is back. This is a prime example what coaching can do for a program. You can’t tell me that the U has recruited better than us in the past few years yet here is a team that has developed its players and instilled whatever philosophy that coach and his staff have instilled into the players to become a winner. Let’s hope that UF finds this same type of person to lead the Gators back!

    • Miami FINALLY has a chance to win its basketball conference. About time, right? Jim Kelly’s Backup did a good enough job at Georgia that he shouldn’t have been run out. The Football Gods will visit some unpleasant Karma on Dawg Scum for that (like an ass-whipping by Auburn for starters). Clay is right though. Coaching matters. Mostly talent development matters. The Gators can/have recruited decent talent. The big failures in the past have been when Kozo, Muschump and Mac didn’t/couldn’t develop the talent they recruited. Ask Randy Shannon about that when was coaching The U. 5 Star recruits win you the press conference on National Signing Day. How much does that matter? The “narrative” once upon a time was that Stever Spurrier had to “settle” for Danny Wuerffel because he was unsuccessful recruiting Danny Kanell. Anyone want a do-over on that one? Meanwhile, Brock Berlin was the “can’t miss” Golden Boy #1 recruit – who, BTW, couldn’t beat out Rex Grossman and transferred away from competition (how very Jeff George of him).

  2. I can’t stand the U, but I will give them credit for hiring an established coach from a Power 5 conference instead of a former Nick Saban assistant. (Apparently Kirby Smart is the only one who learned something from him).

    • Tallygator. Foley built one of the top athletic programs in the country during his service to the university as the athletics director, including multiple national championships in many of the athletic programs. His hires of Muschamp and McElwain for the football program did not work out and he was not perfect in all he did at Florida; but to say he left a stain on UF shows a lack of knowledge of his accomplishments throughout the athletic community, as well as the respect and honor he holds at the university and throughout Gator Nation.

    • JF mostly made his rep on the Billy Donovan hire. But in fairness to him, the Gators athletic programs are stocked with winning coaches across the board. Baseball, softball, gymnastics, basketball, track, swimming, golf all shine. Women’s basketball has been a notable exception. But football is King. And JF has Kozo the Clown, Muschump and McElfail on his resume. Urb and Timmy mostly balance out that failure. But that feels like a long time ago. That’s what he’s judged on.

    • not difficult to lead the nation in offense playing in the AAC, all of you pro Frost people need a reality check, he hasn’t done anything in a power 5 conference, isn’t that what you want, a proven power 5 coach? This site is overloaded with Gator fans screaming for a proven power 5 coach, Frost doesn’t have that resume.

      • Kevin, Frost DOES have ”that resume” as an Asst. Coach (O.C. at Oregon). And not too many Asst. Coaches can say the following, much less Head Coaches:
        ”Frost was Oregon’s offensive coordinator when the Ducks advanced to the first College Football Playoff title game and hung 59 on FSU in the Rose Bowl. He has coached under Chip Kelly and played under big-time coaches like Jon Gruden and Tom Osborne. Frost is risky, but he has the highest upside among the candidates. His offense is fun (there’s that word again) and has worked in two different leagues. Frost has ties to the state – he even played for the Bucs – and has had success in his brief head coaching career. I think he’s the guy.” ~By Matt Baker.
        Just saying! The Oregon game plan (59 points) over F.S.U. (in the C.F. Playoffs) was impressive!

      • Besides all of that, he will be headed to Nebraska at his first opportunity. It would be like Urban coming here waiting for the Ohio State job to open. Urban, despite all you did for the Gator Nation, I still don’t like you! LOL

  3. I started the season thinking that UGA’s loss was Miami’s gain – still believe this, though admittedly UGA has had a great season until they ran into the Jackhammer called Auburn (wow)!!! As for the Gators, let’s land Coach Mullen – tried, proven and true – nearly beat Bama – wow!!! As for sending 56 players to play 85 in South Carolina, Gators played pretty well over all (considering). Loved that TD drive – looked like the Gators of old. Also, some nice stops on defense, despite our low number of defenders to get the job done. Gators should not hand their heads on this one – USC should have clobbered us – instead, they squeaked out a tough win. This is the season where we should say “WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR”. If we land Dan Mullin, let’s hang on to him for at least a decade – we will once again be going places (look at that close loss to Bama)!!!

    • George. SEC jobs likely to be open by the end of the season:

      1. Florida
      2. Tennessee
      3. Texas A&M
      4. Arkansas
      5. Vandy (I think the current coach takes a job back out West)
      6. Mississippi State (with Mullen taking one of the above jobs in the SEC)
      7. Mississippi

      And I think the FSU job will come open after the season ends as well, with Fisher jumping out heating up Noles job to take the Texas A&M job after they fire Sumlin.

      There will be a lot of competition for all of the head coaches looking to move, all to their financial benefit.

      • And if the FSU job does come open, Florida State will likely go all in to get Taggert to leave Oregon. That would not be a good thing for Florida or Miami. Taggert is a better game day coach than Fisher, and he is just as good of a recruiter. Maybe a better recruiter.

  4. Jeremy Foley was one of the best AD’s in the country. Yes he missed on a couple of Football Head Coaches. But the overall body of work at UF was a extremely good job. Hindsight is 20/20 Me personally I think Muschump was close, but never could find a QB. As all of you know a good QB is a must, for he’s the general, No QB, No offense.

    • Millpond. I agree with you concerning Muschamp being close at Florida. But you forget. Muschamp picked Driskel over Brissett, a decision that likely cost him his job and sent the Florida program into a downward spiral. I doubt he could have gotten any closer than just being good. Gator Nation is not going to settle for being just good. South Carolina will.

  5. Glad to hear from some rational people. Chump and Mac looked like good choices. Both had better credentials than many very successful HBC’s. Think how many Gator fans would have howled if Foley had hired Kirby Smart, a defensive coordinator with no head coaching experience. Monday morning quarterbacks squint through their coke bottle glasses until they look back and miraculously develop 2020 hindsight.
    I do think it’s too early to be forgetting the mess Muschamp left in Gainesville. He started off with a bang in the swamp too. Time will tell if he learned anything from his experience. Human nature being what it is, the odds are long.

  6. I don’t even have to read your comments to assume that you are very disappointed and probably disgusted with the coaching and overall situation at FL.
    It’s better to try to win, than play close to the vest Muschamp football and fail over and over.
    Nuss is not helping himself land a quality job but should be a DII program.
    Pat, do you know but can’t divulge who the new coach is?