Final: South Carolina 28, Florida 20

South Carolina running back Mon Denson runs for a touchdown against Florida during the first half Saturday in Columbia, S.C. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Unlike last week, Florida gave South Carolina all it could handle before falling 28-20 Saturday, the Gators’ fifth consecutive defeat.

This one came to former coach Will Muschamp. Ironically, UF losses to South Carolina in the series this century have come with former Gator coaches leading the Gamecocks.

UF falls to 3-6 overall and ends the SEC schedule at 3-5. South Carolina, already bowl bound, improved to 7-3, 5-3.

First quarter

It didn’t take long for South Carolina to take a 7-0 lead against Florida on Saturday.

After the Gators went three-and-out on the first offensive series of the game, the Gamecocks put together a seven-play, 74-yard march that quarterback Jake Bentley capped with a four-yard run at the 11:30 mark of the first quarter.

Crazy sequence of plays denied the Gators an opportunity to score points. Cornerback CJ Henderson intercepted a Bentley pass and returned it inside the Gamecocks 5-yard line before fumbling. Carolina recovered in the end zone and returned it 24 yards.

Brandon Powell again with a muffed punt to give South Carolina a first down at the UF 13. But safety Chauncey Gardner Jr. saved the Gators this time by intercepting Bentley and returning it 46 yards to the UF 47.

A 24-yard run up the gut by Mon Denson capped a six-play, 75-yard march to give Carolina a 14-0 lead at the 2:08 mark of the first quarter.

Florida recovered a muffed punt by South Carolina at the Gamecock 38. It’s UF’s first fumble recovery of the season.

Quarterback Malik Zaire and Kadarius Toney teamed up for a 23-yard pass play to set UF up in the red zone.

There were five turnovers in the first quarter.

Florida            0    0   0   0 — x

S. Carolina    14    0   0   0 — x


Second quarter

Eddy Pineiro’s 29-yard field goal gives UF its first points

Mark Thompson with a 31-yard run for UF. Zaire then gains 23 yards but is injured on the play, setting UF at the Carolina 14.

After one play, Zaire returned and went down again with the leg injury.

Pineiro’s 37-yard field goal at 7:47 brings the Gators within 14-6.

Denson put South Carolina up 21-6 at the 3:40 mark of the second quarter, the 12-yard scoring run capped an eight-play, 75-yard drive.

Feleipe Franks takes over for good at QB for the injured Zaire, who is on the sidelines wearing a brace on his left knee. Franks immediately teamed up with Josh Hammond for a 37-yard gain.

Center T.J. McCoy is injured for the Gators. He suffered a left foot injury.

Lamichal Perine breaks off an 18-yard TD run to bring UF within 21-13, capping a seven-play, 75-yard drive with 1:18 left in the quarter.


Florida            0    13   0   0 — x

S. Carolina    14     7   0   0 — x


Third quarter

Yet another Gator went down with an injury, this time it’s freshman defensive end Elijah Conliffe. Because of suspensions and injuries, the Gators brought just 56 scholarship players to Columbia.

Linebacker Vosean Joseph intercepts Bentley to end another South Carolina drive.

In case you are wondering, walk-on Nick Sproles is UF’s No. 3 quarterback on the depth chart today.

Bentley put the Gamecocks up 28-13 with 2:08 left in the third quarter when he ran in from seven yards out to cap a six-play, 53-yard drive.


Florida            0    13   0   0 — x

S. Carolina    14     7   7    0 — x


Fourth quarter


Parker White missed a 47-yard field goal attempt for the Gamecocks when the ball hit the upright.

Franks hit tight end Moral Stephens for a 63-yard pass to the South Carolina 1. Mark Thompson scored on the next play to bring the score to South Carolina 28-20 with 3:43 left in the game.

Franks’ pass is intercepted and South Carolina takes over with 1:06 to end the game.

Florida                 0    13   0   7 — 20

South Carolina    14     7   7    0 — 28


  1. yeeeeep South Carolina running over us like the Georgia game..Does anyone realize this is the net result of Shannon’s inability to recruit LBs???!!!

    Joseph, Moon, Reese,Rayshad Jackson
    -All of these guys were 2-3 star guys, Shannon needs to be held accountable for this awful coaching/non development

  2. Our defense the WORSE since 1946!!!!! Shannon’s defense, his 1st year as DC we go from a great defense last year to the worse since 1946 allowing more points per game since 1946 and I have read uninformed people on here say his defense was adequate!

  3. The team has taken the character of the coaches. They don’t care whether they win or not. They are just trying to get through this season without getting hurt. South Carolina can’t give us this game because we don’t want to win. USCe could have 15 turnovers and UF wouldn’t be winning unless the defense returns them for tds. Shannon is pretty much done as a coordinator or HBC. No chance again.

    • I don’t agree at all. The talent is not there. People keep talking about all the talent, sorry folks it is not there. There are no run stoppers on the DL and LB’s constantly take themselves out of the play. Some is just poor coaching and some is a lack of talent. I think they are working hard this game. No quit in them this week. Carolina rushes 4 against our 5 and still get to the QB. Very little talent on the OL. The WR’s drop passes in critical situations. I just watched 3 DL rush Franks and the OL could not block 3 DL with 5 blockers. This OL is terrible

      • Garbage, this team played LSU to one point and was winning all the way to the end with A&M till 3 straight dive pays by Nuss gave them the ball back to score a field goal, so they DO have the talent. both of those teams are better then SC! They have Cleveland and Toney today too so dont give me all that about injuries they were missing about just as many in those against LSU and A&M.

        • An how bad did Miss St. beat LSU? A&M is not very good as well. LSU gets rated based on passed performance. There are only 3 good teams in the SEC. How many of these players will be drafted by the NFL? i doubly that any gator will taken before the 5th round. Tell me one good player on the DL, and do not say Bryant. Watch this guy he is constantly taking himself out of position. The LB’s are average. Tell me one good offensive lineman. This is not a talent laden team

  4. Florida has players. They just are not smart enough to understand or learn the basic fundamentals required for playing college football successfully. They repeat the same mistakes over and over again without correction or improvement. I have given up any hope for improvement this year. Looking forward to having all new coaches (with maybe the exception that maybe the RBs coach should be retained because the RBs have played very well this year) next year. On to basketball.

  5. There really isn’t any player on offense that’s older than a true freshman that’s worth keeping other than cleveland. I wouldn’t mind seeing a new HBC cut the team in half and starting over with a roster of 40 players not including the incoming class. Just not worth keeping any of these guys. They all need a fresh start somewhere else. It’s not fair to florida fans and it’s not fair to these D2 players

  6. I am truly tired of watching receivers drop passes. Swain was one of the players who called out the other players and he drops the ball on a key pass that could have gotten the team back in the game. It just never ends, the poor execution of these players on offense. Just end it.

    • Have you ever made a mistake Rick? just wondering, like you forgot to reply to an email, or something like that? He has one ball thrown to him all day and he dropped it. Let me bow down before you almighty Rick, you are the KING. All HAIL RICK!

  7. LOL. Our running back tackles our TE at the 1 yard line with no USCe player with in 5 yards. It wasn’t like they tripped he literally wrapped up the TE and tackled him. Maybe Thompson should be the defensive coordinator and teach our defense how to tackle. Best wrap up of the season.

  8. Thompson didn’t really try to grab his fumble. Then the OL(taylor) could have fallen on the ball when it was on the ground. But instead he reaches for it, takes a step back then falls down. All the USCe players just try to fall on it and end up recovering it. For a split second on gators new it was on the ground and there was no gamecock that even knew it was there and they still got it. The lack of common sense is just amazing.

  9. I just watched the gators last offensive play. Two gator O. lineman were knocked on the butt. The center and left guard were knocked backward by the defensive lineman. Second time in this series that an O lineman was knocked backwards and lands on his backside. The OL is just weak.

  10. I did not just finish watching a football game. I believe I read a comic book instead. I just know I laughed a lot between all the tears the laughter caused. This team is utterly embarrassing and very difficult to watch play. High school teams are better coached than this Florida team, and most high school teams play better.

  11. FSU will be Florida’s bowl game. It will be called the “No QB Bowl” and will be promoted at the bowl of the two most inept teams in all of the Power 5 conferences. And hopefully the administration will Frost The Swamp shortly thereafter.

    • It’ll be hard to Frost the Swamp when it will be Chip Kelly as next HBC.

      But I agree we need to beat fsu, if anything for recruiting sake and not allowing Rape State to win five games against us for the first time ever in the series.

      That said, with Nussmeier at OC, we aren’t going to win that one either.

  12. Said it when Mac first hired Nussmeier when he got here…

    “Nussmeier is a terrible hire, he can’t develop QB’s, and it will either make or break Mac in a couple of years. We could have done much, much better”.

    I was right.

    Said after the bowl game last season…

    “Two straights UF offenses ranked outside of the top 100. Mac needs to part ways with Nussmeier. It will be a disaster next season if he retains him”.

    I was right….But they still gave that idiot a raise as OC.

    Said after the Michigan debacle…

    “Mac needs to replace Nuss asap and promote someone else on staff to OC or takenover play-calling himself. Nuss is another blow-out or two waiting to happen”.

    I was right.

    I also said aftervthw LSU loss…

    “Mac will hangbhis hat on Nuss or go down in flames for his good pal Nuss”.

    I was right.

    Replace him now Shannon. Promote from within and replace him now before we lose to UAB or fsu.

  13. Watching this year’s team with it’s poor execution and this pitiful QB Franks who can’t seem to do anything right is breaking my heart as a Gator fan. Way to many dumb penalties at the most inopportune times. OL can’t protect or run block to save their lives. A defense, that I’ve grown to love over the years, gets gashed for big run plays over and over again. And then there is Franks….i would gladly give up his strong arm just to have some competence. The lack of time management, not being able to read receiver progressions, his inability to secure to ball properly, his lack of knowledge of where he is at on the field are all examples of him being the worst QB that I’ve ever seen at UF (fan since 1990) No leadership skills what so ever. This team and coaching staff has lost all confidence in him to be a successful QB….in my 27 years of being a die hard Gator fan, I’ve never turned the game off in disgust until today….I Am Broken

  14. Nuss is pathetic. If you took plays and posted them on the wall and let an 8 year-old throw darts at them and ran those place, I guarantee they would be better than what Nuss calls. He is telling money when he cashed his check and should be ashamed…33 yds in the 2nd half before Franks bomb speaks for itself…great halftime adjustments.

    I am with “todd” and have been extremely critical of Nuss from the start. His track record was crap, Saban ran him off and there’s a reason he was so readily available when Mac-tasting hired him.

  15. Where were all the offensive players Muschamp apparently has now when he was at Florida? Maybe he did learn something from all the misery he dealt while at Florida. As bad as this team is, I am thankful I do not have too a his mug decked out in orange and blue.

    • Florida was just the training ground for Muschamp, he is a good coach now. We hired somebody with no experience as if we were UCF or something. Now we are supposed to want to hire the coach of UCF who has 2 years experience.

      • What? I don’t think Muschamp has done anything at this point to prove he’s a good coach. He will likely lose to Clemson meaning his team will have 4 loses before a bowl game. Hardly the record of a good coach. I think he really lucked out with Bentley considering he’s only a true sophomore and 2 year starter. His marque win will be against Arkansas who has 3 wins with 2 wins by 1 point and will likely be looking for a new coach. All the other wins other than 1 has been by 8 points or less. Sounds pretty much like his UF days. He might be a good coach now but IMO there is nothing he’s done at USCe that proves that.

  16. Nussmeier is bad, no doubt, but he does not teach Franks to throw the ball from the pocket at 6’6″ tall directly into his own OL’s helmet. And he does not teach receivers to fight each other for the ball and tackle each other at the one yard line when no defender is anywhere near them. Nor does he teach Hammond and Swain to drop wide open passes on third down. And he does not teach the offensive line to repeatedly jump off sides or move before the ball is snapped. And he does not teach running backs to fumble the ball going in from the one yard line. Watching this Florida team play is a laughable as watching the roadrunner (if any of you remember that comic book character) repeatedly get drilled by a falling rock while flashing through the open road. I am sick of this comically coached and comically performing team. I wish they would just forfeit the last two games and eliminate any more comical acts that this team can act out on a college football field. Just horribly embarrassing this team is. But no excuse for it. None. But hopefully help is on the way in a qualified and successful head coach that will simply not put up with comical behavior from players or coaches any more.

    • “hopefully help is on the way in a qualified and successful head coach”

      Scott Frost does not qualify due to lack of experience.
      Norville doesn’t have the experience.
      Charlie Strong failed at his last big time job
      Lane Kiffin fired from everywhere he ever worked.
      Mullen, qualified but already worked here and doesn’t want the job.

      Correct me if I am wrong but there is nobody left but Chip Kelly. Fortunately he is also the most qualified. If we don’t get him better become a basketball fan.

    • Rick, great observations but if the Gators had even a decent QB like South Carolina they could win a game like this especially getting some turnovers. The players on both sides of the ball would know that they had a decent QB and it would inspire them to play hard. The next coach will see from this post-McElwain part of this season who has heart and self respect and who doesn’t. Either way I think Zaire’s football career ends soon and he doesn’t even seek an extra medical redshirt year. I also believe that Franks will transfer out of Gainesville when he sees the writing on the wall that he is not in the next HC’s plans going forward. Yep, “if they don’t bite as puppies, they don’t bite.” Franks’ audition at QB this year grades out as a D-. He will see better days with some average level FCS program like the Tennessee-Martin Sky Hawks.

  17. I’m waiting to hear the same old “Post Game comments” from the coaches and Players: “We gittin’ better………….we still got a lot more game to play…………we still got goal(s) to reach………….we dis gotta go out and x-ugh-coot”……………..Bla Bla Bla……………………………

  18. I don’t know if I am more angry at losing at South Carolina or at some of these juvenile posts in this forum. Jesus Christ guys, this team is beat, plain decimated both with suspensions and injuries. What in heavens do you expect?, it’s like getting into a fight with one hand tied behind your back, you are willing to fight, but you know you are going to get get your brains knocked out. That’s exactly where this team finds itself, the fight is there, but nothing to fight with!! Come on, this is our team, give them some slack!!!

  19. I’d love to blame all of this stuff on the coaches, and the only way I could is the fact that they let these guys play although they make completely unacceptable decisions on any level of football middle school and above. Do you really have to coach a qb to throw the ball away instead of him running out of bounds for a 4 or 5 yard loss? Do you really have to coach your player to run for a first down instead of sliding and make our anemic offense try to pick up a 3rd down? Do you really have to teach the qb to not throw it into your OL’s head?
    We have plenty of problems caused by coaching but there is no doubt we have lots of skilled players that don’t make plays even when the ball hits them in the hands and make no YAC. There’s no fight. It’s the coaches fault that these guys are still playing and don’t progress beyond their abilities as true freshmen unless they like this style of play.