Florida, McElwain agree to part ways

Florida coach Jim McElwain heads out on the field before Saturday's game against Georgia at EverBank Field in Jacksonville. [Alan Youngblood/Staff photographer]


[Updated: 5:21p.m.] What seemed inevitable Saturday night became reality Sunday.

Florida and embattled head football coach Jim McElwain have agreed to part ways, UF athletic director Scott Stricklin announced Sunday afternoon.

“We want to thank Coach McElwain for his efforts in leading the Gator football program,” Stricklin said. “We are confident Coach (Randy) Shannon will provide the proper guidance to the players and the rest of the staff during this time and we will begin a national search for the next head coach.”

The two parties are currently negotiating terms of separation. Part of that negotiation is over McElwain’s $12.76 million buyout.

 McElwain’s departure comes the day after the Gators were blown out by Georgia 42-7 and six days after McElwain stunned the athletic department — and just about everyone else — with his unsubstantiated claims of death threats being made to players and families.

Shannon, the defensive coordinator and former head coach at Miami, has been named interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

The process that led to McElwain’s departure started Monday, when McElwain made claims that players and family have received death threats. He refused to give specifics.

In a meeting later that day with Stricklin and other members of the administration, McElwain also would not be specific about his claims, prompting UAA to release a statement saying McElwain would not provide any further details.

That drew nationwide speculation that McElwain was not being truthful. He apologized for his comments Wednesday, but again would not reveal any details about the alleged threats.

The problem did not go away for McElwain.

Only hours before Saturday’s kickoff in Jacksonville there was a post on Twitter claiming UF and McElwain’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, were negotiating a buyout. Stricklin sent out a statement soon after denying that any negotiations were going on, but did not in any way back his head coach.

McElwain learned of the report shortly before the team meal Saturday morning and informed his players, who came out flat against No. 3 Georgia and fell behind 21-0 midway through the first quarter.

According to reports, McElwain and UF officials met Sunday and the break was made.

After the 42-7 loss, McElwain said he understood why he was in the tenuous position he suddenly found himself.

“Nothing in this world surprises me,” he said. “I know what I was brought here to do. We haven’t been good on offense. I get it. We’ve won a few games, but we haven’t won enough, haven’t won a championship. That’s real. That’s life.

“That is the business, and I take full responsibility for all of it.”

In McElwain’s two-plus seasons, the Gators won the SEC’s Eastern Division twice and are 22-12 overall and 16-6 in league play.

McElwain was hired by then-athletic director Jeremy Foley after the 2015 season and was brought to UF to generate a productive offense that had fallen dormant under defensive-minded coach Will Muschamp.

But over the past three seasons, the Gators have regressed on offense, due in large part to inconsistent quarterback play and a lack of playmakers in the passing game.

UF will launch a national search for McElwain’s replacement. A new coach likely won’t be named until after the regular season in early December.

Possible candidates could include South Florida’s Charlie Strong, Central Florida’s Scott Frost, Iowa State’s Matt Campbell, Memphis’ Mike Norvell, SMU’s Chad Morris and Syracuse’s Dino Babers.



      • It it is really true that there are credible threats and he won’t identify them he probably should be in jail. If it was just a general comment about some idiot fans it was inappropriate without clearing it first with his boss and not in the season. It is a key issue he has blundered in managing the press from the beginning. I bet he has a history of warnings about it as well.

        • VA, My thoughts are that Mac was over his head and frustrated. He was looking for a way to get fired. I think it was all pre planned. Did you see him walk hand in hand and smiling with his wife after the game, like nothing had happened. Good riddance, wish him well on his future endeavors, not with the Gators thanks God!!

      • Kelly WILL come here for the right offer and he SHOULD. His manic offense is the antidote to Saban and Smart. Nothing irks Saban more than the Kelly system. Kelly is the answer and he should be pursued like he is the answer. Dooley is wrong about Kelly being from the west coast. He and Mullen are from New Hampshire. He probably has family in Florida already. Gator Nation will get behind anyone who wins and Kelly is uniquely-positioned to guarantee a winning culture at Florida.

  1. As I’ve mentioned on several occasions….If a coach doesn’t seem to be able to improve a team on the side of the ball that made him famous, what does he bring to the table? Why keep him around?….Having said that, I figured Mac would last another year because of winning the east, although ugly.

    • Mike, this team has not been well coached since Mac got here. I hear people talking about he got to the Championship game his first two seasons (with other peoples personnel, I might add). This Staff (OFFENSIVELY) has been POOR since Mac got here and NEVER improved. They have always had very good running backs but nothing else. And I can’t REMEMBER when this fine University has NOT had a good to great DEFENSE, even now with all the Freshmen and a not great D-line this is a competitive defense. Someone mention they are a poor tackling team, that’s true but the worse offenders are the upper classmen (DB’s)

    • Great? Based on what? Winning a couple of Alabama HS football championships? The guy is 22-13 with stops at Jacksonville State and UAB. Talk about a thin resume! NO MORE EXPERIMENTS! THIS IS THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA!

      • Exactly Gulf Coast! There was one Urban Myer coming out of a second tier school, and he proved beyond a shadow of any doubt that he was equipped and more than ready to take a major program to championships. We got him. No more experiments, no more guys c one or two good seasons in the minors…..no more guys nobody ever heard of before…..

      • I agree but today almost any coach that is going to come here will be an experiment. Even those on most people’s list that might come are. Even say Kelly who has never seen and been a success in the SEC.

  2. They won’t announce a new coach until after the season is over. Shannon no doubt will be the interim coach. Now the important thing is to not let the recruiting class fall apart even though a new coach will bring in his own ccoaches. With early signing day in December I wonder how many will hold off until February now before signing. Hopefully Scott Frost won’t be contacted by Nebraska before us. I also like Mullen even though he has sour grapes with UF. Maybe his relationship with Strickland is enough to smooth out his bitterness that may have been with Foley. He knows the sec mentality and is passionate. Something we need. If SOS were younger he might want the job but it’s not gonna happen. Kelly, Miles, Chuckie, or most others won’t be a good fit. Who knows? Maybe Stoops? He could also turn the program around. He is friends with spurrier and might be interested for 7-10 years and set us up for a future after he retires.
    Just a Gator fan giving his input here. I bleed orange and blue!!

  3. McElwain lived up to exactly 0% of the hype that was given to him coming in. Our football program is a mess and it is going to take a few years to turn it around IF we get the right head coach (and Lord know who that might be). If Doug Nessmeir is coaching the offense next week, it will show how completely clueless the Administration is as to how deep our problems run. I can truly say that today I am embarrassed to be a Florida football fan.

  4. I was glad to see Muschump go but sad to see Coach Mac go but if you don’t develop players and make them better then you become another Tennessee, Vanderbilt or Kentucky…. Vandy and Kentucky can recruit 2 & 3 star players and turn them into 4 star players to compete against Florida. Florida can recruit 3 & 4 star players and they stay 3 & 4 star players…. They don’t become 4 & 5 star players. It starts with our strength, conditioning and training…. They just don’t get better, stronger & faster…. Everybody else does…. We start strong at the beginning and get weaker but really we stay the same, all the other teams get better…. It is called coaching…. Lack of strength, conditioning and training has also brought about too many injuries. Good luck Coach Mac!

  5. Dear Florida Administration: Please make sure that if you are not smart enough to fire Doug Nussmeir as well before next Saturday’s game, you move him from Offensive Coordinator to bathroom attendant. I have a 12 year old that plays pee wee league football and he would be happy to take over as Offensive Coordinator for at least one week. He will do a much better job than Nussmeier.

  6. If this is true, I would say that Mac didn’t leave the University any other choice. Even if the comments he made bout getting death threats were true, he had to tell the University first, never should have blindsided the University by blabbing it to the press first. Then to make things worst, to lose to Georgia the way he did by not preparing the team was the last straw. Hopefully they take their time and hire a new coach that knows how to coach in the SEC. Names, I have none, most of the names mentioned carry their own baggage. Let the AD do the studying and hire us a GOOD coach, he seems like a pretty smart fellow, there is no doubt in my mind that he is up to the challenge. GO GATORS!!!!!!

  7. Something is fishy and it stinks…..and reflects horribly upon the UF administration. You don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! Coach should have at least a chance to right the ship with assistant coaching changes as there are problems on the offensive line and on play calling, not to mention, an extremely young and unseasoned defensive middle/backfield. UF should have worked with McElwain on fixing what’s wrong first before chopping his head off. Of course, most of you 8-10 regulars on this website bitching and crying like a bunch of spoiled brats are part of the problem…..not once offering a helpful solution that does NOT involve running off a good coach. Forget all of that….we now get what we deserve. Another 3-5 year waiting period to rebuild. No matter what, Go Gators!!!

    • This has very little to do with football and everything to do with Mac’s standing with the administration. If you think this is just about a 3-4 start then you need to do a little research. Mac made his bed and had this coming. It sounds like he had the arrogance of Nick Saban and the resume of Lou Saban.

    • John, I’ve been a Gator since I was 13 years old, and believe me that was a long time ago. I was also an advocate for Coach Mac….until last Monday and last Saturday. What you’re mistaking here for bitching and crying is actually passion and commitment. The handwriting on the wall can’t be any clearer, John. We haven’t been spoiled brats since Urban left, nothing since 2011 could possibly qualify us as such. Still, I appreciate your own passion….just disagree. And you’re right on–above all else–GO GATORS!

    • How much time do you give him? He recruited these same players that are responsible for 7 false starts yesterday and who fail to cover anyone when they are on defense. the team is not developing and all Mac’s prowess on offense seems like hot air. After the death threats debacle, the administration has to act.

  8. Mac a nice guy but terrible SEC coach. Truth is, he won with WM defense and in fact Mac’s offense was worse than WM offense. Like WM, it seem Mac wanted to turn UF into Bama south but that was not to be. And his presser last Monday was pure insane. I do wish Mac the best as he moves on and hopefully lands a coaching job out west. As for Nuss I’m hoping fsu or uga hires him.

  9. Well look at the bright side! We have talent on the offensive side of the ball already the staff just didn’t know how to use them. Bring in a new coach and if we lose some commits he can bring in the guys he’s been recruiting at his previous school. The defense has playmakers they’re just young but getting better. It’s Florida we’re going to be okay!

  10. Best candidate for coach, hands down:
    Charlie Strong
    And before anyone brings up Texas, he was railroaded and set up to fail from the very beginning. Look what he did at Louisville, and what he’s doing now. He knows Florida and he will absolutely crush it in recruiting. Any other coach will not do as well at Florida as Strong, yes including Chip Kelley

    • Charlie Strong is a great dude and a good Gator, but he’s not coming to Florida. He’s gonna spend a couple of more years building USF’s program to the level of a New Year’s Six program, and then he will have rehabbed his coaching resume to the point where he will be a sought after by a lot of top flight schools. Its too soon after his Texas experience to look at bringing him to UF. And how do you know he was actually railroaded, other than what was speculated about in the media? Go after Justin Fuente, Scott Frost, Dana Holgorsen (maybe he could bring Will Grier back with him, ha ha), or shoot for the moon and give James Franklin a call.


    • I love Charlie Strong but he would be a really bad hire. He was not set up at Texas, he’s just not a big time HC. We really need an offensive guy who has an offense in this century and not an antiquated one like Mac had…didn’t help he hired one of the worst OCs in the country. I’d be willing to forgo an offensive guy for a Stoops or a Patterson…a defensive guy who gets the importance of an up-to-date offense.

      My preference
      1)HBC – a guy can hope
      2)Stoops – a guy can hope twice
      3)Chip Kelly – Boosters would have to push this one because of his past NCAA issues

      I could honestly live with anyone on this list.

    • If Strong couldn’t win at Texas, with all of their money, facilities, history, recruiting, etc. there is no way he is going to win in the SEC. Anybody should be able to go 8-4 at Texas and Strong couldn’t come close to that. It is the same at Florida, with our talent and resources, any coach should be able to get 8 wins, we are looking for someone that can win the SEC.

    • I like Strong too, always have, afreshup. Living here in Texas, close enough to Austin without having to put up with it, I was privy to a lot of information about his hire. He didn’t stand a chance, especially when he did the right thing and cleaned house.

  11. It will probably be Coach Mullins of Miss State. He is from the Urban Meyer coaching tree and knows Strickland. He is offensive specialist and has proven that in SEC play. He was Urban’s offensive coordinator. He’s a straight talker too and animated on the sideline. Will the money be right?

      • I’m not sure what planet you are from…but, it’s certainly not the third planet from the sun…you’ve got to be kidding with your comment about why one would think UF would have more money than MSU … the answer is simple because they do…UF’s athletic Association is one of the richest programs in the country, Uf is a much larger school than MSU, total enrollment at UF is over 50,000 and MSU enrollment is just a little over 21,000… UF has many more recourses than MSU, Florida’s population is over 20 million, Mississippi’s population is only 2.9 million people where as… MSU is one of the lowest in revenue…in the country… and your statement an easier job at MSU than UF…well, that maybe somewhat true, if your expectations aren’t very high … and you don’t plan on winning the west year in year out…like Alabama, Auburn, or LSU, do…I think it’s much easier to win the east every year than the west this day and time…

  12. If true, then thank you Coach Mac for trying! We can’t blame anyone for ”trying”. And I, like all Gator fans should, wish Coach Mac and his family all the best in the future. Now what the Gator Football program really needs, in my opinion, are some Gator players turned Coaches, for some of the football coaching positions. It worked for U.F. with Spurrier, and it’s presently working for U.G.A. (Kirby Smart played for U.G.A. in the 90’s), and the reason is ”vested passion”. A true, passionate Gator, and we all know it when we see it, is more times than not, SUCCESSFUL! Whether a transplant like Coach Billy ‘D’, or former player like the ‘”H.B.C.”, Spurrier, truly passionate Gators equal success! Although I know Urban was an exception (an exceptional one, too… with 2 National Championships). But, “Come on, Gators, get up and…” get it right this time!

  13. Sounds like Mac has not been fired and that UF is looking for middle ground on the $13M buyout to get him to resign. I think that if Mac lied(which he appears to have done) then he has zero credibility. Not sure why UF would not fire him for cause and simply move on.

    • Kerwin Bell is NOT, I repeat, NOT a Power 5 Conference type head coach. Not right now. He would have to be an OC for a Power 5 Conference team for a few years first. You simply do not hire the head coach at Valdosta State to be the head coach of the Florida Gators. But I do think he would be a great OC for the Gators. McElwain should habe hired him instead of Nussmeier.

  14. Some people commenting should have their rights to post revoked simply for their insane suggestions for a new coach. Tom Herman?! Really? He’s going to leave a better job after only one year? Don’t be so sure we can get a coach from any power 5 school. Everybody has money now. If UF is able to “steal” away a coach from a power 5 school, it will have to be from one of the bottom feeders in a conference. Scott Frost would be a great choice, but even he may decide to wait on his alma mater to come calling.

  15. I just read this on SI.com and had to come here and check. I think this is a good move. We know the Vols will be looking for a coach and possibly Auburn, maybe LSU, Arkansas for sure. Then you have Nebraska, UCLA USC. This gives the gators a head start on looking for a coach. I have read some comments about how this will hurt recruiting. Telling the press that there have been death threats against players is certainly a way to kill recruiting. It was not the won/lose record that got Mac it was his made up stories about death threats. Another fallacy on this topic is the talent level of the gator players. I doubt that any gator goes higher than the 4th round in the NFL draft. The only bright spot for me is the running backs. Perine and Davis are a good pair. They run hard. Keep the running backs coach, send Shannon back to linebackers coach and dump the rest. Now as far as attracting a big name coach forget it. Florida is no longer a prime destination. Find a good young coach and hire him. The talent is available in the state but you have to recruit it hard.

  16. If true, very disappointing and classless. I really feel for the Gator players and assistant coaches who have worked so hard. There’s no excuse for having this week end in a mid-season firing.

    Florida has become another Tennessee. We will fire and then hire another coach and our program will continue to flounder because of the lack of coaching continuity, especially on offense. A top 5 recruiting class will melt away. The long-term problems that are here today will remain.

  17. Sad day for Florida football! I have been a Gator since before Ray Graves was head coach and Spurrier was playing ball for us. Football is cylical. We could never win the SEC Championship. Now we are going to revert back to our past history. No coach worth a tinkers dam is going to come to this university after our past experience with head coaches and that includes Spurrier. I recall his last parting statement that Florida is a school where a coach can win ten games a year for ten years and everyone is unhappy! Something is very wrong at UF! I blame the UAA and Administration they are the main problem! They want the money the Football program produces but they aren’t all in to see the program succeed! There are two schools in our conference where the university is all in with the football programs. Alabama and Georgia. Until you change the UAA and the Administration all Gator football fans will suffer and we have! Mullen is not coming to the Gators! He was roasted weekly when he was OC in the Urban Meyer regime. He has not forgotten how torid the fan base can be. Some want Kerwin Bell let Kerwin stay in Mayo. Others want the latest coaching stars in hopes of miracle seasons. Relax it ain’t going to happen but I will tell you what is going to happen. The next ten or twelve years will be season of mediocrity and coaching changes and Dooley and his partner Robbie will sell a lot of papers talking about they remember when. I have lived through this before and history is repeating itself for Florida Gator Football. The only good thing about all of this. There will be plenty of tickets for football games and great seats in the ostadium!

    • I so agree with you sir well said. Coach Spurrier did leave because of fun started being constant whining by fan base.This will devastate recruiting and players on roster,after all I thought the kids played for UF and there coaches . Why would any coach want to come to a place were the fan base is a constant problem and the university keeps paying coaches to leave instead of giving coaches time succeed.

    • Mr Negative! Not Mr. Realistic! Yes, the Florida fan base can be cruel. I had to sit next to the poorest sports fans at Florida games for years and years as they were unhappy if we didn’t get a first down or touchdown literally every play. So, maybe there’s some payback here for being so spoiled however we are going on 8 years of mediocrity and we were great for 17 years ( 12 Spurrier and 5 Meyer) so enough is enough. With the recruiting in this state I think the next hire will be an excellent one and an extremely successful one!

    • Gene…you should change your name to Jeremiah prophet of Doom. What a dreary rant. Florida is the Sunshine State and UF is its flagship university. Spurrier and Meyer demonstrated what can be done as head ball coach for the Gators and plenty of top notch coaches would love to take the helm as HC. We have plenty of time to hire the best of the bunch and I’m sure a lot of our commits are coming to play for more reasons than just to play for the head coach. UF is a great university with rich tradition and awesome fan support.

  18. I don’t doubt that this is the end of Mac at UF. What’s bugging me is that the Gainesville Sun is citing reports from a clickbait website as fact and the news outlets are picking it up and citing “multiple sources” every time another media outlet regurgitates it. So the University isn’t talking right at the moment so let’s just make stuff up and repeat unsubstantiated rumors until it’s true? Sad state of journalism.

  19. Monday morning quarterbacking re. Foley’s choices is misplaced. No one can be sure a hire is right or wrong and hindsight is for the weak-minded. How in the hell was Foley to know that Mac was a complete flake? Kirby Smart had less credibility than Mac. Mac had HBC experience. Muschamp could have been a good choice even with no HBC experience. One more year and he would have been given the Longhorn job (too bad). Jimbo was a HC in waiting too, and he already has an NC. Perhaps this year is an aberration and if not then Fisher will have been a good choice AND a bad choice! Mike White and Billy Donovan were both bad choices if you use the criteria that many here are so sure about. La Tech and West Va.? Please. Hindsight can be as easily applied to these guys too if you want to give Foley some props. And the Gators have a guy who arguably is the best baseball coach in the country. And don’t say baseball and basketball don’t compare. Plenty of successful head coaches have had weaker CVs than Mac. Jim Tressel, Brian Kelly, and yes, Jim Kelly come to mind. You pays your money and you takes your chances.
    When Dan Mullen left (talk about a QB whisperer) Tim Tebow’s greatness was the only thing that got the Gators to the SEC Championship game. With Adazio, it was two dives and Tebow improvising for a first down. UM went downhill without Mullen and left a “broken” program behind. Granted Meyer resurrected himself. Chances are Florida will lose the pro-set 4* QB recruit, but Mullen could easily steal Georgia’s 5* spread guy if he doesn’t sign early.

    • Here’s the deal. No one is saying Jeremy Foley was a bad AD. He was the best AD that Florida has ever had, one of the best in the history of college sports. His hires in Men’s Basketball, baseball, women’s sports, all others, cannot be matched by any other modern AD. No one should debate that. But everyone has an Achillies’ heel, and his was hiring head football coaches. He was 0 for 3 on his head FB coaching hires (Zook, Muschamp, McElwain, Meyer does not count, that was a Machen hire). Fresh blood is what this university needed, and we have it now. Let’s get behind Scott Stricklin and see what he can do. If he hits a home run, we will put a plaque on the BHG-SOS stadium walls touting his efforts.

      • No. Feels too much like Coach O…a major settle. Coach Shannon would be a major letdow, I personally don’t think he should be DC…he’s a great recruiter and LB Coach. Would love to see him remain on staff in that capacity.

    • I like Randy Shannon a lot. I have followed him for a long time. He will be an HBC again soon at the major collegiate level (and he should be), I just don’t think that is going to be Florida. But we should all get behind him for the time that he is running this program.

  20. I never thought it could get worse than when Muschump was here. And before anyone attacks me with the “We won the SEC East the last two seasons”, face reality. The past two seasons we were the best of the SEC LEAST and earned the right to get our butts kicked by Alabama two years in a row. I can only hope that we not only get a quality coach, who can: coach, motivate, recruit and hire a quality coaching staff, but also one, who if successful, is not stolen by another college as appears to be the way it is in college football today.

  21. When Foley was in the process of hiring Mac, someone asked him about Dan Mullen. Jeremy said he didn’t want a “Win at all Costs” coach. An obvious reference to the way the Urban Meyer era ended. Well Jeremy, you should have asked the fan base because that is exactly what we want. Stricken should have Mullen signed and ready to come to Gainesville by early December….

    • Yea I hear you.. Jeremy Foley’s track record with hiring head football coaches (please don’t give me Urban Meyer peeps, that was Bernie Machen’s hire) is atrocious. He’s a big part of the reason Gator football is in this predicament. His opinion is beyond meaningless to me, and most Gator fans at this point. Stricklin sounded in the press conference like he fully appreciates what he’s up against, let’s give him a shot, and if he hits it, then we know who the 4th statue will be crafted for outside of the West stands..

    • I don’t want a “win at all costs” HBC either. I’m not saying Mullen is, but my only reservation about him is that he represents the regime that ripped the guts out of UF football. I don’t want to see that SOB Coach Chest Pain/Family Time celebrated, complimented, Ring-of-Honored, or in any way get any longing from the fans he completely betrayed.

      That is exactly what we do NOT want.

  22. I believe Mullen’s salary is around 4.5 million while Frost is paid considerably less, maybe 1.7. I don’t know the ethics of speaking to a coach while the regular season is still taking place. At least we can either find out if Stoops is interested or eliminate him from consideration. What to do? What to do? The coaches should do what it takes to hold on to our commitments

  23. Florida is in trouble. It used to be that the big three, Florida, Florida State and Miami, pretty much got the cream of the crop in terms of recruits. With the recent rise of the Central Florida schools and other predatory schools from out of state, there is a lot more competition in recruiting. I liked coach Mac, but honestly, he hasn’t turned out to be the offensive guru or groomer of a QB he was touted as being. He proved he was not a good evaluator of the talent on his roster. He could not create a game plan to create a highest best use situations. It seemed he kept trying to put a square peg in a round hole. As good as the defense has been, when you keep going 3 and out on offense, they will break down late in games. My wife was surprised about the death threat new conference. She said, “it looks like he wants to be fired.” She was right. We need to find the right coach to right the ship on day one. First and foremost the new coach has to be able to use the players on the roster. Assess their strengths and weaknesses and set up a system to win using their talent. Second, he has to do a better of job in the off season programs. A lot of work for the strength and conditioning coaches. We need to get bigger, stronger and faster. Third, he needs to make sure the committed recruits stay committed. Florida is a great place to play and that won’t change moving forward. Those athletes will be a big part of saving the program from being the Titanic. Fourth, discipline. This is not just about penalties on the field. This will include the off field problems that we have a long history. If they’re not ready to walk the line, don’t recruit them. Character is important part of any athletic program and we seem to have had a lot of problems finding those kinds of athletes.

  24. Please Stay away from all the coaches who have failed at other schools, why would being at Florida change anything? Our players are not that superior to other programs they ran. Go after a Mike White kind of guy that can turn this offense around and overall team discipline. As for names i have none, Matt Campbell is too soon for him, Frost wants to go to Neebraska and would leave Florida to do so, take nothing from Memphis

  25. something that has wenyt over everyone’s head is the fact that the guy responsible for choosing the next coach is the same guy that gave McElweain, Nussmeier, and others, huge raises and contract extensions after last season when UF was in triple digits on offense and blasted by Alabama and FSU at the end of the season. That should give everyone pause if they think this same guy is going to make a good hire. Not only will UF have to pay McElwain a huge amount of money, but Nussmeier, and others, as well. Then UF may have to make a hue payout to guy already under contract at his present school. Sounds like UF is a dumpster fire, and Foley is still responsible since he chose Stricklin. What a mess!

  26. All the names on that list have not been head coaches at a big time program and let alone had success there. That is a crap shoot.

    Les Miles has indicated that he wants to coach again, knows the SEC well, was successful in the Sec and recruits well.

    LSU made huge mistake driving him out for that Bobby Bushay dude they have now.

    With Les Miles recruiting won’t skip a beat.

    This guy is the best candidate hands down but everyone wants to guess and see what young up and comer is going to pan out. Haven’t we had enough of that?

    Lets give a proven guy the job so we can start enjoying Saturdays again.

    • Miles sure seemed to have our number when he was at LSU. Mac was hired to do one thing when he got here, fix the offense. Not only did he not get us out of the bottom 20 or so teams in the country in offense, he regressed. With the talent level here, he should have been able to move up to the top 50 at least. Poor coaching and a demeanor that’s a mystery to me were the main reasons he’s out. I never felt any real passion from the guy. Watching him on the sidelines during games he always looked the same. The closest thing to passion I ever saw was that he maybe chewed his gum a little harder. Even his press conferences were disasters. Every time SOS threw his visor on the ground you knew he was all in and it was good to see him get pissed cause you felt the same way. So good luck to you Mac. We just can’t put up with this mediocrity any longer.

    • I felt the exact same way. But in the end, recruiting kids with lack of character falls back on the coaches and it’s their responsibility to control those kids more or less so they stay out of trouble. Then again, how many of those suspended were Muschamp’s recruits?

    • I felt the same way also but I really think he was ready to leave. He was smiling when he walked off the field, he wasn’t worried about his future. He will be a head coach somewhere else and should have plenty of money, so I am not going to sweat it. Florida will get somebody else of equal ability or better. Remember that Mac was a gamble and we will now gamble again and maybe it works out this time.

    • NONE of those issues explain how Mac so poorly managed the ending of the LSU and TAMU games, both very winnable that were both lost through terrible clock management and poor coaching decisions. He was a lousy game day coach, glad he’s gone.

  27. Wow, you win your division in your first two seasons, go 14-2 against your division, win your last bowl game, while dealing with more than your fair share of suspensions and injuries, only to be fired halfway through your 3rd year. Who would want that kind of pressure, especially with a fan base that demands success now?
    It takes a good 3-4 years to build a successful program, you ain’t gonna get a Saban, Spurrier or Myer, good luck Gator Nation, better put in a revolving door at the Swamp.

    • Better than 7 years of being ranked below 100 in total offense amongst FBS teams. I would rather have a new coach every 2 years than dealing with witnessing a promised offensive explosion that never happens. It just remains offensive. McElwain’s stats are scarily similar to Doug Dickey’s. Look them up. No thanks, I’d rather have Charley Pell and the risk of probation for something to cheer about.

  28. Only Kelly or Stoops will do.

    Given the last seven years of mediocrity, a true silverback is required to stop Florida’s slide into irrelevance. Only Kelly and Stoops meet that job description. Stoops is not the obvious threat to Saban’s supremacy Kelly is. Kelly worries Saban greatly. Saban has been nearly hysterical about Kelly’s sprint-paced spread offenses and knows his coaching style does not stack up well against Kelly’s in the college game. If you want to beat Saban, ONLY Kelly will do.

    I’ll say it again: ONLY KELLY CAN BEAT SABAN. And stop parroting Dooley’s line that “SHUT UP ABOUT KELLY. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. WEST COAST GUY, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Kelly is from New Hampshire where everyone with money migrates to Florida for their golden years, as is Dan Mullen, his fellow capo in “The New Hampshire Mafia”. The NCAA stuff is long behind him. He was exonerated so there is no reason to hod it against him.


    • Didn’t Frost coach for Kelly. He was the oc at Oregon. If he doesn’t take Nebraska he should be the next coach. Or Mullen. Those are my 2 choices at the top of the list. Kelly won’t be a good fit I fear and has baggage

  29. So, lying gets one head coach a new gig w Ohio State and McElwain fired. Start paying all college players and reduce coaches pay substantially. If lying gets you fired all I can say is, wouldn’t it be nice if Big Birther Bonespur was employed by UF?

    • Look, it’s this simple. He was not a good coach at the “big boy” level. Even if we put aside his weird behavior or passive aggressive whining that Gator fans did not appreciate, he was not a good evaluator of talent. Name me one starter on this team who starts at Alabama. I can name you 8 to 10 starters on this team who do not start at USF today. He kicked aside the best offensive player this school as had since Tim Tebow. He rejected suggestions from one of the greatest offensive minds of the past 50 years (SOS). I don’t wish him any ill will, but don’t let the door hit ya in the you know what on the way out. We will not miss you. You were not an upgrade over Will Muschamp. Let the search begin. Good luck, Steve Stricklin.

  30. If Florida wants to win, then they have to change the culture of players, behavior, etc. Off-the-field issues, on-field issues, and overall program personnel-everything needs to be evaluated, re-evaluated, and changed if need be. This program has been weird ever since Meyer left, if that makes sense (I mean, Meyer’s exit was strange but I still believe he knew that he had the OSU job the while time). Time to fix it and fix it for good. I’m not sure who the right coach is, but I’m sure he’s out there. I hope the AD can find him.

  31. Mr. Gilmore I am not a prophet of doom I just see history repeating itself. There is no quick fix to a successful football program. It starts at the top. Administration and UAA these guys have robbed the football program from attaining and maintaining success and until they are held accountable it will continue. The only coach that can help this program is one of Saban’s caliber. He tells Alabama administrators what he expects of them to carry out his process. He doesn’t answer to newspaper columnist who pooh pooh the program because they can’t attend the practices or people who think they know more about football than he does! There is one coach like that. He beat Bama for ten years! He is offensive minded and he is defensive minded. He is a great recruiter. He is tough and the fan base can holler until hell freezes over and he will not budge. Plus Dooley and Robbie will probably find information second hand because he could careless about the press. The reason I mentioned his team beat Bama for ten years is this fact. Georgia is becoming a clone of Bama. Beat Bama you beat Georgia it is a two horse race in this future of football. Tommy Tuberville is the coach. He will change Gator football.

  32. Our AD is from Miss State which leads me to believe we will do everything necessary to bring Dan Mullen to UF. God, trade everything I own to get Spurrier back for 3 seasons. If we can’t get Mullen (or Spurrier), we need to go after Bob Stoops. What the hell is he doing right now? Nothing, right? There’s no way the guy has hung it up forever — he’s got plenty of years in him as a HC. It’d be an A+ hire in my book. If that’s a no, we need to get on our knees and first beg Charlie Strong to forgive us for the utter disrespect we showed him by hiring Will Muschamp over him. Charlie Strong really was a Gator at heart, and maybe it’s not too late to patch things up. Certainly, he must have greater aspirations than USF for the next decade of his life.

  33. Take our time and find the right fit. I don’t know who that may be. I’m as guilty as anybody else about complaining so lets give who ever comes to Florida a chance before we jump on his back. Even though I think firing Mac was the right thing to do, I wish Coach Mac and his family the best for the future.

  34. I agree with Mtntop 1000%. I think he and a guy named Gator 2222 on the old message board would make a better AD or coach than anyone mentioned by this group.

    McElwain told the truth the death about the death threats.

    For now, I am a Gator fan for basketball and the other sports. Shannon is is a good coach.
    I hope Mac gets his entire buyout.

    Huge chunks of the fan base was not happy when Mac was 6-0 in 2015.

    Dooley should not be involved in the selection.

  35. Please moderate my comments. I realize this is a privately owned website. Private censorship does not violate the 1st amendment.

    I am a Gator fan (too).
    If I am censured, this is not a fair and unbiased board. I am sorry for filing my minority report.

    • Just follow the rules of Gatorsports.com, which reads in part:

      We won’t tolerate malicious posts, and request all users behave in a civil and responsible manner.
      Personal attacks on members of the community will not be tolerated – remember to be respectful even in disagreement.
      Gatorsports.com reserves the right to ban, suspend or restrict access to any members believed to be in violation of this policy.

      Attacking the writers who provide this free service is a violation of this policy.

  36. And your inside information was based on what? And why did you not communicate this to UF administration, if you were so certain of it? Maybe then McElwain would be still coaching today.

    Or maybe you are one of those who believe that every kid at the YMCA should get the same trophy, even if they finished the race 30 minutes later than everyone else…

    Big time college football is no place for snowflakes. Ask Nick Saban..