McElwain: Will share death threat details if situation ‘becomes unmanageable’

Florida coach Jim McElwain said he will share details on threats "when it becomes unmanageable" during Wednesday's SEC coaches conference call.


Florida coach Jim McElwain is still not willing to give any further details about his claims of death threats made to unspecified players and families, but said he will do so if the threats become unmanageable.

“People who know me realize that I’m a real passionate guy,” McElwain said on the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday. “What I tell our people not to do is allow one or two misguided remarks get to you.

“The care I have and passion for these players, this university, the fact we have an unbelievable fan base, it’s great. There’s passion. When you go into that Swamp, it’s something special and our guys feel it.

“I do feel bad sometimes for being open and honest, and yet at the same time, I’ve seen this movie. I understand it. If it gets to a point, then we’ll go from there.”

McElwain was asked if he has any further details to provide.

“When it becomes unmanageable, at that point,” he said. “Like I said, I’ve got a lot of care for this program and these people. At the same time, allowing a couple of things to get to you, you can’t do that.

“Ultimately, that’s the business we’re in. You know what, we’ll move forward and get ready to go play this ball game (against Georgia on Saturday).”



  1. More double speak and misdirection from Coach.

    I will again be the first commentor to say it: this story is BS.

    True death threats are serious criminal acts and need to be formally investigated.

    I will take the heat once again. By the way, read some other articles on other websites about this story. A lot of people out there agree with me.

  2. Let me translate…oh sh!t, this just got real and someone’s calling my bluff and so I better walk this back. His agent also probably told him he better try and fix this because it’s possible the university could fire him for “cause” and not have to pay his hefty buyout if none of this was true and/or he has no proof.

    Again, if anyone did provide death threats, that needs to be turned in and those idiots need to be dealt with in accordance with the law.

    Honestly, this could work in our favor if the threats aren’t true. Mac is reeling and he may feel the need to fire Nuss (honestly not convinced he was gonna do it on his is own no matter how this year turned out) to get the heat off him and because he may not be as bullet proof as he thought he was now.

    Like I stated the other day, this whole thing seemed fishy.

  3. This is BS! Mac is either lying, stupid, or both. I’m a Gator by birth, will always cheer for the Orange & Blue no matter what! But this guy is a flake. Even if all the other teams were to implode and the Gators win the SEC, I would still like to see him dumped. From his constant public purse emptying, to his tacky-ass sauce marketing, from his lousy game management to his weird threat claims, I truly want to see him gone!

    Go Gators Always!

  4. What kind of mumbo jumbo crap is McYet freaking blabbering about??? I can’t even follow what the man is trying to articulate. His remarks, if true, need to be handled by the authorities…if not, he has embarrassed UF. Unreal…

  5. When does a death threat “become unmanageable” – is that after someone is actually harmed? My word…it gets weirder by the day up there in Hogtown.

    Hope the Gators are ready on Saturday because we need to play our best game of the year against a hated rival – who by the way has a team ranked in the Top 3 nationally with a 2nd year coach and a true freshman at QB.

  6. Listening to Dan Patrick trying to read a transcript of Mac’s comments was hilarious. Mac is utterly unable to put together a coherent sentence. No wonder his offense is a disaster. Can you imagine trying to learn anything from him?

  7. wow tator nation, just when you thought things can’t get worse! I wonder how far your next slide will take the program… recruiting dive? more bad choices for head coach? and then add another frustrating loss to fsu? happy holidays!

  8. I love death threats to me. I always give the guy my address and offer to make an appointment but stress that I do take walk ins. But I have no family. If I had family I would take a death threat seriously. Also, everyone needs to lay off Coach Mac. The team got hit hard by the suspensions. Injuries didn’t help. Give him some time.

  9. Coach Mac, please get your Gator players to ”work those ugly Dawgs silly!” And then, run the rest of the season victoriously. Lastly, plaster F.S.U., and we’ll (Gator fans) ”call it even!” But I said (and although I hate to do the ”I told you so”, crap), but ”the 3 game stretch of LSU, Texas A&M, and U.G.A.” did, in fact, determine U.F.’s S.E.C. East destiny. So now, well, just finish ”Gator strong”. As winning cures many ills!

  10. Foley must have done zero research prior to hiring this buffoon. McElwain has never shown the slightest hint of having the skills that he was hired for – “Offense guru” and “QB Whisperer”; after 3 years of ineptitude we can safely call him a fraud based on that. Now he pulls this psycho act out of his hat because he’s failing badly on the field this year. This guy is as weak as water and has insulted/pissed off the media, Gator Nation and on Monday the UF administration. We’re the laughing stock of the national sports media due to Mac’s ridiculous statements. Stricklin has a tough job to do because his $4.5M football coach has become “unmanageable”. After the blowout this Saturday Stricklin should have a pink slip ready – hopefully he has put out some feelers for real, qualified D1-level football coaches. Firing Nussmeier isn’t the most important thing now – Mac himself has changed that priority.

  11. As a passionate Gators fan and UF grad, I could care less about this non story. I am sick of reality journalism. Coach made a emotional and unwise mistake, but hardly one worth this kind of publicity. And I see the ultimate reality journalist down in Orlando, Bianchi, has jumped on it and took it national with CBS. Typical of that sorry excuse for a journalist. I just want coach McElwain and the Gators to go beat Georgia. But, if they do or do not, my support for the UF football program remains solid. Yes, I would love to see a change at the OC coaching position, but that view could also change with better offensive performances against Georgia and the rest of the Gators opponents this year. Give me some stories to read about the team prepping for Georgia, please, and less reality TV kind of stuff. Thank you.

    • Totally agree. Bianchi is just trying to stir up a story where there is none. And all of you that think you know what’s going on because you watch all of the sports commentators spew their very liberal journalism for the sake of ratings, you have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes. Maybe Coach Mac did notify the proper authorities, but they wouldn’t tell everyone until it was vetted. Maybe it was an idle comment from the stands or on campus like Jimbo’s. YOU DON”T KNOW, so your opinion is not needed here. This team is dealing with a whole offensive or defensive group that is either suspended or hurt. Because of that our effort to even stay on the field with GA will be heroic. That’s fits what Chancey said. “We’ll just go play football.”

  12. If the death threats are true, he should have notified the cops and kept it out of the media. By being in the media it encourages copy cats and could hurt recruiting. Parents aren’t going to want their kids coming to Florida with the death threat environment. If the threats aren’t true, well then Mac is a liar: if they are true, well then he is an idiot with the way he has handled this. It’s a lose lose situation for him. He checkmated himself. I have always liked and respected him but the feeling is slipping away as our season might be.

  13. You need to look no further than this mans twitter feed when he posts a chomp chomp tweet to see it’s not that far fetched to believe some idiot would make some sort of threat. I mean hell look at all the hate on this article alone. The man gets bashed every second of the day, so to see another in a very long line of keyboard warriors making a stupid threat probably wasn’t that unusual or scary to him so he didn’t report it or make a big deal about it. He makes one little comment about the ridiculousness coming from all the delusional impossible to please Gator fans and the media blows it out of proportion. Now all the fire Mac fans are feeding off it like piranhas and coming up with all kinds of conspiracy theories salivating at the thought of this being the straw that broke the camels back. Wake up Gator fans and realize your horrible attitudes and impossible to fulfill expectations are going to run another coach out of town and no coach in their right mind is going to want to come deal with this crap. It’s freaking ridiculous and getting to a point where it’s embarrassing to be associated with such a delusional fan base. I’ll tell you one thing, its a damn good thing these delusional Gator fans aren’t Nole fans. I could only imagine what would be happening if the Gators were preseason favorites to win the title and then lose only ONE player and are now 2-4. It just goes to show you what losing one player can do to a loaded team let alone losing 20% of the entire team and having several injuries to starters on top of it the last 2 seasons.

    • Oh goodness…laughing out loud. Reading Rick, gatorbyrd and a hell yeah from Ben…startin to get a warm fuzzy, maybe I’m making too much of this. Then a little JJ and Joe and I’m past this and ready to kick some Dawg ass, and then the next one says “He’s toast.” I digress.

      • Great White Buffalo. Funny, I do not recall Tennessee winning the last two SEC East titles or beating the Gators this year, or still being able to win the SEC East this year. But I also think Tennessee fans are stupid for trying to rid themselves of their coach. The man can flat out recruit and, if not for two years of serious injuries to very key players, I think Tennessee would be in contention for SEC East titles. And they likely will be next year if they keep Jones. They currently have a top 10 recruiting class….once again. Not sure any coach could do better at Tennessee than Jones has. Tough place to recruit and the man is recruiting like crazy. Ignorance and stupidity often do not hurt until after a stupid or ignorant act.

  14. The consensus of sports writers is this situation is utterly bizarre. How could it not be? We all agree death threats are way over the line period. These days you can’t take them lightly. Yet, not only does Mac divulge this publicly, but then chooses not to go to the police, nor tell his boss. I can understand not divulging more information at the press conference, but you darn should be telling your boss and Mac chose not to. It’s like he dropped a grenade and now he wants to move on. No sir! You have sullied gator fans, tarnished the university, and possibly crippled your recruitment. I’m sure Mac is sweating a bit, how do i walk this back, but the fact is he can’t. It seems he is equally incompetent at press conferences as he is running an offense. The sports stations I’m listening to find this situation very strange. It also seems as if there is a rift between he and his boss, the statement by the UAA said they take players safety serious but instead of stopping there, they added Mac has not divulged anything. If it was significant to bring this up at a press conference, it is significant to notify the police and his boss. Mac, this is a BS story.

  15. It appears recruiting is making a turn for the first time in several years now this? I googled head college coaches receiving death threats and, the facts are the there are none – except for our guy. This story has turned our school into a national joke. Please AD sit our coach down and, demand he make changes with a list given by Stricklin.

    UF – 1992

  16. What kind of legal ramifications would UF have if a player who has received a death threat were actually harmed, and UF had let Mac get away with not reporting it b/c Mac thought in his expertise on these matters it was not yet “unmanageable “?

  17. What grown man talks about this type of subject in public, then refuses to share it in private to his Employer and law enforcement? I just don’t get that…

    Besides, I have already grown tired of Mac’s crap O’ and crazy statements over the years. Let’s not forget he is the one that said he had fun watching Dalvin Cook run all over us two years ago. He also recently publicly stated that he thought Texas A&M would gain over 800 yards on our defense. He says too many strange things publicly and it is an embarrassment. I am not calling for his firing, but he needs to shape up with his comments.

  18. Someone in the stands probably shouted out some kind of death threat and Mac was making a reference to fans getting so worked up that they would say those things to kids playing a game. I doubt it was a written paper made of torn out newspaper letters. It was a simple statement that many have blown out of control because they want a new product on the field.

  19. Tunaboat you are the man! HOWEVER, your words being very true, Coach Mac is worst than a Buffoon. He must go and no better time than after Saturdays game, win or lose. SEE THE LIGHT, AND CUT LOSSSSSSSSSSSSS, A.S.A.P…. I think his small success and style at C.S.U, is fine in the W.A.C, but not in the S.E.C. I don’t know what it is but he is a poor excuse for major college coach, much better as and Asst.
    The U.A.A, should see the possibility of a complete downfall of the football programs for year’s to come.
    He is at the core of fault in the program with the credit card scandal. People get fired when they mismanage. The hell with his claim that he has this great recruiting class. With or without his firing, recruits will drop FLORIDA, just like some did last year. I am begging BULL GATOR’S, to clean it up sooner.

  20. There is no “backing” out of this, the damage has already been done. I don’t think it was Mac’s intention to bring this out, What I think is that Mac is so frustrated with the way things are going the suspensions, the injuries and the way part of Gator nation has responded, that words escaped his lips. No matter, the damage is done, there is no escaping that. There has to be a sane answer for all this. For the sake of his character and the University’s, Mac needs to be forthcoming with an explanation that makes sense. Strickland as the AD needs to address this issue, it can’t just stay quiet and hope it goes away, because it will not. The longer this goes on without an explanation, the worst the damage will be. I Don’t think we can’t or should wait until it becomes “un-manageable” whatever that means.

  21. For those Mac apologist, let’s review the facts, first he drives out Grier for a supplement that was considered legal until about the time Grier took it. People out there say Grier was a cheater and deserved to be vanished, let me break it to you santa believers, most athletes are on something. Grier was trying to get bigger and stronger for his benefit and also ours. Ok that’s water under the bridge, move on you say. Next he hires Nuss which has shown to be a horrible offensive coord. Guess what the offense has sucked for 3 years now. We heard how Frank’s was his guy. The guy has been in the system for about 2 years and what do we see? Nothing. Now the savior is Corral. What do you think is going to happen with him? If the east had been a bit good the past 2 years you think they win the East? Then to top it off he goes to a press conference and says he, his family and players have received death threats? I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it happened, what does the program get out of this? Negative press for the school first, second what do you think this does for recruiting? Why do you want to go to Florida so they threaten your life after a lose? Mac can’t even think before speaking, how do we think this guy is going to beat the Sabans and and Meyers.And for those who say that negative comments don’t help, people need to be held accountable, this guy makes 4.5m a year.if fans hadn’t asked for zooks head would we have had Meyer? And by the way threatening anyone over a game is stupid.

  22. Enough already. The man said he made a mistake by letting his emotions get the better of him. Who hasn’t vented at the wrong moment and regretted it? He feels embarrassed and rightfully so, after advising his players to guard their comments at critical moments. He obviously over spoke on a sore subject. Says it won’t happen again. As for his ESPN poking fun at his lack of eloquence, since when are sports jockeys masters of prose themselves? Half of them can hardly conjugate verbs.

  23. Mac as an educator/coach must resolve these threats to the best of his ability. Threats towards himself or family may be a different matter, although, I don’t think they are, but threats against students must be legally and morally reported for student safety. This is a terrible situation and must be exhausted by competent authorities. I would encourage Coach to lay this out with complete honesty and hopefully put this behind him and let the chips fall where they may. He won’t be the first or last human that’s allowed twisted emotions make him say or do something irrational. Go Gators!

  24. For the sake of journalistic accuracy perhaps quotation marks should be placed around the words, ‘death threats’. There were no ‘death threats’, manageable or otherwise. Someone is not telling the truth. It is that simple.