Final: Texas A&M 19, Florida 17

Gators wide receiver Freddie Swain sports the Nike alternate uniform Saturday vs. Texas A&M Aggies at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Kaila Jones/Correspondent]

Texas A&M defeated Florida 19-17 on Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, the Gators’ second consecutive loss at home.

First quarter

Eddy Pineiro with a 29-yard field goal at 7:47 to give the Gators the early 3-0 lead. The score capped a 13-play, 63-yard drive. The key play was an underhanded flip by QB Feleipe Franks to running back Malik Davis for a gain of 20 yards while he was being sacked.

The Aggies tied it with a 46-yard field goal from Daniel Lacamera at the 2:08 mark. The score was set up by a 30-yard gain on a QB Kellen Mond to receiver Damion Ratley pass play.

Texas A&M    3   0  0   0 –xx

Florida           3   0  0   0 –xx


Second quarter

Lamical Perine broke several tackles en route to a 15-yard touchdown run to help UF go up 10-3 at 1:41.

UF’s defense has dominated so far, giving up only 80 yards and two first downs. Davis has 81 yards on 10 carries and  Perine has a TD to pace the UF offense, which has outgained  A&M 229-80 in total yards.

Texas A&M    3   0  0   0 –xx

Florida           3   7  0   0 –xx


Third quarter

Mond kept the ball for a nine-yard scoring run at the 11:12 mark of the third quarter to tie the game.

Franks scrambles for a 79-yard run down to the Aggies’ six-yard line.

Texas A&M    3   0  7   0 –xx

Florida           3   7  0   0 –xx


Fourth quarter

Dre Massey scores from six yards out on a jet sweep.

Lacamera kicked a 42-yard field goal at 12:35 to bring the Aggies within 17-13. He then kicked a 25-yarder to cut the deficit to 17-16 with 7:37 remaining.

Lacamera gave the Aggies the 19-17 lead with 58 seconds remaining in the game.

Texas A&M    3   0  7   9 –19

Florida           3   7  0   7 –17



  1. The Gators are pathetic and inept. They have the worst coaches I can remember. No imagination. The offense can’t do anything. The OL can’t block The RB can’t sustain runs. Receivers can’t get open and when they do, Franks can’t find them. The defense still can’t tackle. Texas’ QB is not a great passer, yet we let him run all over the field. He is the only offense they have. Why can’t we stop this guy? Terrible game plan. The team is unwatchable.

    • Everybody was saying this game would be a blowout but the defense kept things close. A&M has a potent offense. I was proud of our defense and the coaches on that side of the ball. The coaches on the other side cost us the game again. Special teams in the 4th qrtr hurt too.

  2. They are absolutely pathetic. How many times did the offense have 3rd and 1 and could not pick it up to sustain a drive. The offense can’t do anything. They are an embarrassment and a joke. The defense can’t stop Texas’ QB. You know he is going to run. Stop him. No excuse for continued poor performances week after week. Time to fire Coach Mac. He is pathetic.

  3. They are an absolute embarrassment. How many times did the offense have 3rd and 1 and could not pick it up to sustain a drive. The offense can’t do anything. They are an embarrassment and a joke. The defense can’t stop Texas’ QB. You know he is going to run. Stop him. No excuse for continued poor performances week after week. Time to fire Coach Mac. He is pathetic.

  4. I’ve supported the Gators win or lose, but I’m done. I’m done with Mac and his golly gee attitude. I hope he’s gone after this year, but the hard fact is he won’t be. We just might have to suffer another year of this inept coaching.

  5. Nussmeier just LOST the game. At 5 minutes he ran 3 straight Malik Davis runs for nothing yards and gave the ball back for A&M to win. These players played their heart out and you cant blame them at all. THIS WAS ALL ON NUSS!!!!! What stupid play calling when leading by only 1 point, we desperately needed to keep that drive alive, BONEHEAD!!!!

  6. Mac just gotta have a pro style offense. QB’s running all over the gators. This guy just will not change his thinking. If the Vols get a good coach how many wins will the gators have next year. May as well dump this staff and try to get a decent coach while there is still some decent coaches left.

  7. Outside of the long run by Franks, we had no second half offense. But what’s new? The coaching staff refusing to challenge spot is just idiotic. Chooses to throw a hail mary before end of second half when we have a fg kicker with distance. Just inept coaching especially on the offensive side of ball. I thought the D did more than well enough but once again a sorry offense dooms them. But hey, wasn’t the uni’s cool? Right coach? Now more softball questions headed Mac’s way. Dooley might ask, coach which color uniforms do you like the best?

  8. 3 and 1 and you call a toss to the shortside of the field and get stuffed. That’s the play of the game really. I just don’t get the ineptitude of the oc and Mac. Oh well maybe next year. I think we have two more years of this to be honest.

  9. Does Nuss have something on Mac that he is blackmailing him with? I watch pee wee football ofenses that are more creative and up tempo than this. He only ran 1 wildcat and 1 jet sweep all game. The only thing that is keeping me going is I am now winning money betting against my Gators! I am sick to my stomach that this is what this has come to. If I can call out our offensive plays before they happen so can all the D coordinators we play.

  10. Another loss to a team that we dominated for the first half. Yet we left them close instead of putting them away. Their coaches made some adjustments and ours did not. Franks has a big arm and he has heart, but it appears that he has been taught nothing by the coaching staff. Frankly, the whole team often appears to be lost when things get tough. The one thing that really struck me though was the failure to challenge the spot when Powell clearly had a first down, but the mark was wrong, at a time when we were still in position to keep control of the game. Even the TV announcers said it should have been a first down. Have we nobody with a real brain on the coaching staff???

  11. what is the definition of Instanity? doing the same dang thang over and over again,and expecting something different to come form it?? this Florida team is in serious territory ., time to blow this horrible coaching combo up, bye bye Mac, Nussmeyer got fired while trying to be the OC at Alabama, two x alabams Saban coaches, that both basically suck

  12. Felipe Franks is too raw to develop quickly enough to play QB for any Power 5 team except maybe Rutgers or Kansas. Not only does he not go through his progressions, he has no pocket awareness. I believe it was still the third quarter when he saw the pass rush starting to break through the O-line. He was deep in the pocket and had enough time to throw the ball away, located a check off, or even hit an open receiver down the field. (if there was any?) Instead he runs forward directly into the defense hoping he can break through for a decent gain, but of course he has no where to go. Sorry but that means that the QB has a low football IQ. Like I have written before he needs to transfer to an FCS school and see what he can do against lower level defenses. We can criticize the coaching staff all we want but the real problem is that such an undeveloped QB was recruited by Mac in the first place. Let this be lesson to all those college football recruiters in Power 5 conferences and even in the American Conference. Bad decisions on who to recruit and who to play at QB has haunted this team since Tim Tebow finished his senior season.


    I AM OPEN TO SUGGESTION????????????????/

  14. A bye week to commiserate this loss and this season and then a blow out against Georgia. How can our offense be this pathetic, this enept, this ugly. Our games are so ugly to watch, esp on site. I’m done wasting my Saturday time preparing for crap like this. Not renewing next year. Some serious needs to be done soon, very soon.

  15. I have been extremely honest about my thoughts and feelings about this 2017 Florida Football team, even critical at times. But I have to say this game shoulda’ been WON by FLORIDA… PERIOD! The Gators played the best S.E.C. team, (Texas A&M) to date, and went ”toe to toe” with them for most of the game.
    This Gator football team needs some serious work in ”certain areas”, like the PUNT KICK COVERAGES, they’re awful! And the run game with the talent U.F. has with Davis, Thompson, and Perine, etc… should be much better, especially half way into this season. Finally, this game was lost by a series of small mistakes, which often lead to BIG LOSSES in this league: the S.E.C.
    And I am actually proud of how hard these Gators played for MOST of this game tonight, just not the ending. Moral victories are still LOSSES! Go Gators! Regroup, and re-focus! And RE-DEDICATE yourselves to the Gator Football program! BEAT U.G.A. AND FEEL A LOT BETTER ABOUT YOURSELVES AT THE END OF OCTOBER! Go Gators!

  16. I think it is time to give Malik Zaire a try. Franks isn’t ready for prime time this year and we need to stop the bleeding. We had 6 seconds left before the half within Piniero’s field goal range but he takes his time lobbing a throw downfield to run out the clock instead of zipping it to the sidelines to get a quick few more yards closer. He has little situational awareness.

    Give him another year of development before he is ready. McElwain shouldn’t have listened to the uneducated fans who wanted to see that talented arm before it’s ready.

  17. What happened to Kyle Trask? When I saw him in the spring game last year I thought he might be the guy. By the way, look at what Will Grier is doing at West Virginia. If we had kept him at UF we might have been pretty good.

  18. I am so sick of this brand of football. The play calling was atrocious! How many times could we not convert on 3rd and very short! Our defense played good but gave up too many big plays. The punt coverage team is terrible! These games don’t hurt as much because sadly I am used to the outcomes!

  19. The question is are we going to get a winning head football coach or are we still going to believe this garbage that Coach Awe Shucks keeps feeding us every week? ” We fought our tails off out there”, “I really believe in this group”, etc. What a Crock of S#$T! We used to be one of the elite programs in the SEC or the Nation, now we are just a program that gets out recruited every year by FL State. When are we going to get serious about winning again?