FINAL: LSU 17, Florida 16

Florida punter Johnny Townsend (left) looks at teammate Eddy Pineiro (15) in shock after Pineiro has rare miss at the extra point after the touchdown in the third quarter. LSU beat the Gators 17-16 Saturday at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.[Cyndi Chambers/Correspondent]

First quarter

LSU jumped to a 7-0 lead on a 30-yard jet sweep by receiver Russell Gage at the 1:22 mark of the first quarter to cap an 11-play, 86-yard drive at Florida Field on Saturday.

LSU receiver Derrick Dillon was ejected for a targeting penalty on a high block on UF cornerback CJ Henderson.

LSU  7   0  0  0  —

UF    0   0  0  0  —


Second quarter

UF lost the gunner on its punt team, redshirt senior Garrett Stephens to a knee injury. He was carted off the field.

Eddy Pineiro put UF on the scoreboard with a 25-yard field goal at the 4:01 mark and capped an 11-play, 70-yard drive.

Highlights of the Gators’ scoring drive were an 18-yard pass from QB Feleipe Franks to Brandon Powell on a third-and-15 play and runs of 18 yards by Lamichal Perine and 25 yards by Malik Davis that put the ball at the LSU 7.

The Gators broke an NCAA record by scoring in their 366th consecutive game, snapping the mark held by Michigan (1984-2014). Florida hasn’t been shut out since a 16-0 home loss to Auburn on Oct. 29, 1988.

The Tigers regained the seven-point lead on Connor Culp’s 38-yard field goal with 25 seconds remaining in the half. It capped a nine-play, 54-yard drive.

LSU  7   3  0  0  —

UF    0   3  0  0  —


Third quarter

LSU came out roaring with the second-half kickoff, going 75 yards on nine plays for the score, a two-yard pass from QB Danny Etling to fullback Tory Carter, who was open in the end zone. The key play was a 47-yard pass from Etling to  Chark.

The Gators answered with a long drive of their own, also a 75-yarder on nine plays, capped by Perine’s 2-yard run with 7:39 remaining in the period. Perine had a 22-yard run in the drive and then a 15-yard personal foul penalty was added when he was tackled out of bounds for a first down at the LSU 16.

After a LSU punt, Florida drove 76 yards in nine plays and scored on a 1-yard run by Perine with 1:45 left in the quarter, but Pineiro missed the point-after kick to make it LSU 17-16. It was Pineiro’s first miss in 46 attempts, but the hold by Johnny Townsend didn’t look clean.


LSU  7   3     7   0  —

UF    0   3   13  0  —



Fourth quarter

The fans singing “I Won’t Back Down,” as a tribute to Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Tom Petty, who died Monday at the age of 66. Petty, a Gainesville native, once worked at UF before making it big after moving to California with his band.




LSU  7   3     7   0  —  17

UF    0   3   13   0  —  16


    • Here’s my take, and this seems to define this year for me at least. Some people call it “momentum”, but I call it “sense of urgency”. Either way, a team can’t get and maintain momentum without the urgency factor. The Vols and Wildcats had it in spades, we found it late and pulled it out late. Vandy had it, and we found it a little earlier to decently win. Today? LSU was flying all over the place, we made some good plays in the first half but very little to no urgency. Brother, did we ever find it when we came out for the 3rd Quarter. But where did it go? With very little exception, all I’ve seen this year is a team just walking through the motions and be lucky enough to get it together late. That does not a championship team make. I’m taking a butt load of Xanax before kickoff next week, and I’ll probably be in a damn coma before the Georgia kickoff. But By God, I’ll be there anyway!

  1. Everyone still want to give Mac another year?

    What the heck are these coaches coaching our players during the game week practices?!

    Almost every single game thia team comes out sloppy, undisciplined, and basically with no plan of what to do.

    This offense HAD to carry our defense because we knew it was going to be young.

  2. Many fans and the local media coverage of UF football have accepted mediocrity. They are just not a very good team. In his first year, I could understand it. In his third I see no growth or any signs thereof…

    • So true, Billy. Tell you what, I’ll always be a Gator ’till the day I die though. And then, I’ll be buried in Orange and Blue, and upside down so Georgia can kiss my a**. But of course in an open casket with a nurse on my chest doing compressions just in case………..

    • I concur Billy, but I know one thing for sure, this Florida fan does not accept mediocrity, I don’t see how fans like myself who grew up in the 80s and 90s and witnessed the evolving of a Championship program in Gainesville could accept mediocrity. They’ll give Macaroni another year because again he’ll have an excuse, 10 players suspended, current injuries, most notably LDR. Aw shucks.

    • All I kept hearing from the booth was how Franks needs to be “managed”. OK, but I’ve heard so much of that this season, I’m wondering if the kid is a moron. I don’t think he is, he showed a lot of people something to get to the SEC and the Gators, so why not turn him loose other than dinks and dunks? Then we’ll know one way or the other.

        • Defend Mac all you want, but the proof is in the garbage on the field week after week after week. He is and has been pretty arrogant as well, why I have no idea. He has clearly shown he is not capable of taking this program an higher.

          • If you’re right, Ed, maybe his role was to get the program moving again after Coach Boom……he’s at least done that somehow. And then? I don’t really know anymore…..but maybe a big name coach c an excellent track record (and a sense of urgency, damnit) really is the ticket. ????? I only can say this c certainty now: It’s doubtful that we’ll ever be ranked again this season, and I fear for recruiting in the future.

          • I think his recruiting on the defensive side of the ball is an issue, but the man has had horrible luck with qb’s (had to start Treon Harris for god’s sake) and the offense had zero talent when he took the job from muschamp. he still one the east twice. He is missing so much talent and couldn’t overcome today. If the team quits on him like the ’13 team quit on WM then it’s time to worry. I feel this is a 4 loss team because of all the shit that’s happened and next year the young guys will grow up with all that experience. If they give up or have an average year next year then I’ll personally start a go find me for his buyout…

    • Oh hell, Derek, you know the answer to that one! It’s much easier to piss and moan. With the talent on this offense though, they should not just be looking “pretty good” (OK)…..they should be looking “great” by now, and serving notice to the rest of the SEC that they’re looking for scalps. I for one, have faith in Mac….and Randy Shannon too. But I’m sure beginning to wilt myself. I think that’s what most people are saying on here.

    • We could be 1-4, and have more hope than we do now.
      As it is, the pain will likely continue before we’re relieved by the proverbial “door” doing its thing to McElweird.
      Today’s pain was a step in the right direction; and none too soon!
      Hopefully his luck has started to run out.
      THAT would be “cool.”

    • I’m not sure that would be a good idea, although I understand your feelings. Do we really need a new coach c both feet in the grave at this point? I mean, I sure like Orgeron a lot as a man and sometimes as a coach, but he’s not the guy for us unless there’s divine intervention of some form in Baton Rouge between now and December. I get your point, though.

  3. Can’t wait to hear hear Mac’s “aw shucks” or “really proud of our guys” garbage post game. Last 2 UF possessions was the worst F-ing play calling ever! OMG!!! I do not understand how nussmeir is employed!!!!

    • John Brown. On that last series, I said out loud that at least Nussmeier will be passing the ball now. He then runs the ball multiple times and forces Franks into an unwinnable situation with his play calling. If you cannot coach up your QB so that you have confidence in him, then you should not be coaching that QB or the offense. Nussmeier has to go. He is just awful. But I am sure McElwain will disagree.

  4. I have to say, as much as I am a critic of this program, it’s coaching staff, and players, I have to say that this is a damaged football team. They have way too many young players, and way too much inexperience. Injuries and suspensions have devastated this team. The WR position is now void of any play makers. Swain and Hammond are wasted scholarships, but, they’re all we have. Go ahead and mulligan this year, and see what McElwain does next year.

  5. Even late in the 4th, this was an easily winnable game. I have NO loyalty for Mac the Hack. I don’t care who they replace him with, but he will never be a championship coach. Screw him, his cheap sauce, and his cheap emotions. All I still care about this year is somehow beating FSU. Go Gators!

  6. I just want a competent offense. What is our identity? Power run, spread, multiple? Third and long Frank’s looks for Powell every time. I think the timing of Mac’s hire and the disparity of the SEC east reflects his record. The defense is the worst I’ve seen in a very long time. Dark days ahead for the Gators unless change is made.
    All kinds of weather we stick together….Go GATORS

  7. No Tyrie Cleveland, so did we see any passes to Massey, the tight ends or the running backs? I don’t recall any. It looked like Nuss was trying to out trick LSU in the first part of the game instead of pounding the ball. The running game worked pretty well when they went to it. By the way, where was Mark Thompson?

  8. We had over 4 minutes left to maneuver into field goal position. Some of the worst playcalling and clock management I have ever witnessed. This team has the personnel, and talent to win, but have all the flaws of a very poorly coached team. There can be no consistency, when there are mental errors and missed assignments on almost every down. QB needs to consciously force himself to start looking at secondary and tertiary receivers, Mark Thompson was uncovered on that last 4th and 3.