The Sunday Blog — Week Zero


The Sunday Blog comes at you after some real, live college football on Saturday unless you count Rice or you were so caught up in the fight that you forgot.

1. OK, it wasn’t great football. But my daughter Kelsey insisted that I be home for the first official kickoff of the season and we held hands and watched Texas Southern kick off to FAMU a little after noon. Of course, there was a penalty on the play. Here’s the thing — even on a day when there were no big college games, the NFL’s exhibition games never graced my TVs. As bad as the games were, at least they counted.

2. You try not to overreact, especially when a game is being played Down Under, but Stanford sure looked like a really good football team against Rice. I mean, Rice is pathetic. Rice looked like it had yet to practice. But the word out of the Stanford camp was that they have the Cardinal’s most athletic team under David Shaw. Watch out USC and Washington.

3. During the first quarter of Charlie Strong’s first game as the coach of USF, there had to be this thought in your head — “Charlie Strong has forgotten how to coach.” Maybe it was the long flight out to San Jose, but USF went out to the West Coast on Thursday. Maybe it was playing on the road but did you see that crowd? As my friend Dan noted, you could have run stadiums without bumping into anybody. Strong righted the ship when talent took over and he got two huge breaks on deflected passes. It’s just one game and it was one win.

4. Finally, we get a week where we can break down the big games. The funny thing is that I had strong feelings about them all but as a summer drudges on, the conviction gets watered down. In June, I loved FSU over Alabama, Florida over Michigan and Texas A&M over UCLA. Now, I’m not so sure. Gator fans, I’m sure, want me to pick Michigan because of my stellar track record. We’ll all find out Friday.


  1. One thing is certain about the 1st ”official” weekend of college football next weekend. It sure looks and feels like Jan. 1 bowl games. And that’s cool with me! Win or lose, every school in your ”big 3 games”, even Florida, could fight their way back into the Final Four with a loss.
    But… ”Go Gators!” Leave no doubts!