Dooley Noted Podcast: Guest Sam Khan Jr.

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

In this week’s second episode of the Dooley Noted Podcast, Pat Dooley, the sports columnist at the Gainesville Sun, talk with guest Sam Khan, Jr., of ESPN,  about the upcoming Florida Texas A&M game. Pat also talks about Florida’s defense, watching the game from home, Kyle Trask, masks and of course Three Things.


0:30  We won’t be going this week

0:50  Its going to be a big game for Florida

 2:08  Florida defense has to play better

2:40  This game is as important as any in the East

4:15  This feels like a game they could lose

9:20  Watching a game on TV is way different than in person

10:00  I saw a defense that was playing tentative

11:30  Fans want Florida to be a great team this year but are they good enough

13:15  What about Kyle Trask

15:10  Every team in the SEC is a mystery

17:03  Interview with Sam Khan, Jr., ESPN writer covering Texas A&M

31:10  The SEC mask policy

32:40  Game times moved because of hurricane?

35:25  The Spreads

37:35  Are Tennessee or Georgia really any good

38:20  More Spreads

41: 15  Three Things

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