Listen Now! Mark Rodgers, agent of Russell Wilson, Trey Mancini, talks trip to LLWS

Tim Walters
Treasure Coast Newspapers

If you need life advice, Mark Rodgers may be the person to call.

When you listen to him talk, each sentence holds a wisdom and inspiration that makes you want to do more with your life.

He’s mentored hundreds, if not thousands of young baseball players. He’s raised and coached five children. And he’s a sports agent who’s stable includes Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and Baltimore Orioles slugger Trey Mancini, among others.

While each one of those things is amazing, perhaps what could be most memorable is what he recently experienced: managing Martin County North Little League from Palm City to the Little League World Series.

Mark Rodgers, head coach of the Martin County North Little League team, directs his team after they completed stretching exercises during practice on Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

Martin County North was one of 16 teams to make it to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and the first to represent Florida there since 2008.

Mark could have never imagined this group of 13 boys that was assembled in May could have gone on the run it did this summer.

He explains the process of how these boys — many of whom knew of each other, but didn’t know each other — came together to form a friendship that will last a lifetime.

He also talks about the challenges of skirting COVID — the players couldn’t even embrace their parents after clinching their spot in the LLWS.

Mark is the latest guest on “The *State* of Florida Sports Podcast,” powered by the USA TODAY Network.


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He explains how he went from law school graduate to an agent for some of sports’ biggest stars.

It was something that happened almost immediately, and he’s glad it did.

The 62-year-old also talks about coaching his own five children — one daughter and four sons.

Trey Mancini and his cancer diagnosis

He also tells the story about the phone call he received early last year from Mancini, telling him he had colon cancer.

Mark took in those words with disbelief that this 27-year-old slugger in the prime of his career had cancer.

He also recalls the triumphant call late last year with Mancini telling him he is cancer-free.

Palm City-based agent Mark Rodgers  and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson smile as Wilson signs his record contract extension.

Agent Mark Rodgers on Russell Wilson

Mark also discusses his close relationship with Russell Wilson. He met Wilson as a baseball prospect and has represented him for more than a decade as an NFL great.

Mark makes it clear he doesn’t consider Wilson, Mancini and the other athletes he represents as clients. He said he sees them as friends.

After hearing him speak, you’ll want to be his friend, too.

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