The Picks: Yet another streak goes down

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

Well, I had my first COVID-19 test Tuesday, the one where they see if they can touch the back of your skull with a long swab, and I can say that it's not as bad as you might think, but only if you enjoy being waterboarded.

Seriously, it was pretty quick, although I kept thinking there HAD to be blood pouring from my nose after the swab was removed. The test was negative, but I went back two days later because the fevers were getting bad. 

They did another test and, believe me, its worse when you know what's coming. Again negative. So how do we explain the symptoms like fever, headaches and missing short putts? (I have to blame it on something).

We think we got to the bottom of it, but I don't want to break Dan Mullen's rule about keeping everything private. All you really need to know is I will not make it to the Florida game this week, breaking a streak of 166 straight Gator home games (that total may be off a few, but I compiled it while under heavy medication).

I was already wondering what the point was of going since we can only be on Zoom and you can't hear what Mullen is saying in that open-air press box, but I kind of want to see the team run out with those shiny blue helmets.

I assume they will be visible on TV.

Dr. Football is sad, but it was already a season that felt sad. I miss the tailgates, the full stands and everything else about normal college football.

About the only thing that feels normal is Dr. Football getting off to a fast start and then having two bad weeks in a row with The Picks. Last week was 6-4 and it's now 36-14 on the season. 

We need a good week.

I just need a healthy one.

Florida at Missouri: If I knew which players will not be available because of COVID, contact tracing, contact buzzes, issues with grades and injuries, I would feel better about my pick here. In the end, I'm buying Kyle Trask. Florida, 34-24. 

LSU at Auburn: Man, Ed Orgeron was in a good mood on the Wednesday conference call, speaking French to reporters. I think he said something about how he likes that his true freshman quarterback's first road start won't be in front of 80,000 screaming fans and that Gus Malzahn has to be out of lucky breaks. Of course, I don't speak French. LSU 38-29.

Georgia at Kentucky: After last week, I feel like taking Kentucky out to the woodshed. Now watch them come back with a stunner. Or not. Georgia, 27-16.

Miss. State at Alabama: Last player out of Starkville turn the lights off. Sheesh, with all of the players who have bolted, I guess Mike Leach isn't for everybody. Alabama, 45-19.

Arkansas at Texas A&M: Anyone else remember the stumbling, tackle-breaking 79-yard run by Feleipe Franks in The Swamp the last time he played against A&M? You probably do because nothing else good happened in that game, including Florida's uniforms. A&M, 27-23.

Texas at Oklahoma St.: This feels like the perfect time for Oklahoma State to bow out of the playoff picture and take the Big 12 with it. Texas, 34-23.

Memphis at Cincinnati: Brady White is playing so well he might not come back for his seventh season. Cincinnati is so good on defense the Bearcats could contribute to that sentiment. Cincy, 38-21.

Michigan St. at Michigan: Mel Tucker, one day you'll look back on the 2020 opener and laugh about it. But you probably won't laugh about this one. Michigan, 48-20.

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt: I am saving this tweet until after the game Saturday — "It's pretty clear the SEC officials have it in for Lane Kiffin. He's dealing with a double standard." You know he won't be able to resist the retweet and will have to find more loose change to pay another fine. OK, at least I thought of this idea. I would never actually do it. Ole Miss, 41-14. 

Indiana at Rutgers: I couldn't resist because how many times is Dr. Football going to have a chance to pick a game between unbeaten Indiana and unbeaten Rutgers on Halloween? Indiana, 38-24.

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