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Sunday Blog: Controversy reigns

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

The Sunday Blog comes at you after what we hope is the last Saturday without Gator football for the next couple of months, because I can't take watching the same four commercials for 12 hours anymore.

1. Let us start out with the two controversial calls in what were probably the two best games of the day. Did Indiana's Michael Penix Jr. break the plane of the goal line before the ball hit out of bounds on the two-point play that won the game? Did the bouncing punt hit the finger of Auburn return man Shaun Shivers before rolling into the end zone  against Ole Miss? I thought Penix was down and the ball hit Shivers. But I'm not sure and don't forget, it has to be indisputable evidence. Lane Kiffin re-Tweeted a fan who said the SEC refs are atrocious so he should expect a fine this week. Kiffin, not the fan.

2. Watching the Missouri-Kentucky game was a good example of how every game is its own game. The Tigers were conservative because they knew the best way to beat Kentucky was to stop the run and run the ball effectively. It was almost an unwatchable game (I said almost). But Eli Drinkwitz will have a totally different approach to the game in Gainesville on Saturday night, probably take more chances and try to bait Florida into running the ball.

3. You know, some coaches just can't have nice things. Kentucky destroys Tennessee and then scores 10 points against Missouri. South Carolina has a big win over Auburn and then gets destroyed by LSU. (Memo to Will Muschamp: You weren't going to win this game by kicking field goals and especially by missing them). By the way, the SEC West now has an 8-5 advantage over the East mainly because Alabama just doesn't lose to teams from the East (3-0 so far).

4. The Big Ten made quite on impression on my AP Poll voting with Ohio State getting a bump over Georgia to fourth and Michigan and Wisconsin getting raises themselves. Also, both Indiana and Purdue are in there now. Purdue, which was without its coach and best player, beating Iowa was the most stunning score of the day. On the other hand, I have four SEC teams in the top nine and none of the others ranked, which is an example of how playing this 10-game conference-only schedule will sort out the really good teams from the mediocre ones. And this league is full of .500 teams.