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Pat Dooley
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This feels weird. I know everything is weird, but this is really weird to be sitting in the middle of three weeks between Florida football games.

We hope it's only three games. 

This is a program that once played two games in one day in 1935 and won them both and celebrated with shooters of Canadian Club and we liked it. 

Anyway, here in the college football Twilight Zone, uh, sorry, is that Rod Serling?

You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of Jeremy Pruitt's babushka mask. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination, also known as Mike Leach's garage. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!

OK, so the newest addition to this strange world we're living in is the Big Ten-ish. I thought it would be important to catch the Midwesterners up on all that has happened while they have been in their own version of the Waiting Room.

• Nick Saban had COVID-19 except he really didn't or he might have had Miss Terry take the last three tests for him. 

• Liberty, the school, not the insurance company, and Coastal Carolina are the talk of college football. 

• LSU is not. 

• UCF has quietly slipped away from the national scene like a feather floating in the wind with no direction.

• We're all still looking up at Clemson and Alabama.

• Miami and Tennessee peeked around the corner to see what being "BACK" looks like, then high-tailed it out of here.

• SEC refs screwed up again and cost a team a game.

• Arkansas is the third best team in the SEC West.

That about covers it. It's nice to have you back with your White Castles and your porch-sitting and your "How ya doin's?"

Dr. Football took one on the chin last week with a miserable 5-5 record for a 30-10 ledger so far this season. There was a discussion about picking the Clemson-Syracuse (Tigers favored by 46) game for a freebie. I have more integrity than that. For another week, anyway.

Alabama at Tennessee: We know there will be a letdown for the Tide after the big game with Georgia. And then they see that Tennessee benched its quarterback and fired one of its assistant coaches and they really will feel like this will be a cakewalk. These and other "Things That Should Happen But Won't" on Action News at 5. Alabama, 42-23.

Auburn at Ole Miss: I have no idea. Seriously, I'm just going to pass on this game. Ole Miss is 1-3. Auburn should be 1-3. First one to five interceptions loses. Oh, what the heck? Auburn, 38-31.

South Carolina at LSU: With quarterback Myles Brennan dealing with an injury, LSU could be starting a true freshman against the Gamecocks. I know every team will be bowl eligible this year, but there won't be enough bowls for everyone. I'm looking at you LSU. South Carolina, 31-23.

Michigan at Minnesota: We are so happy the Big Ten is back because the negative rooting has suffered without Old Khaki. Michigan, 32-30.

FSU at Louisville: It's almost Halloween. Florida State is about to win its third game. Who says this is a weird year? FSU, 31-10.

Nebraska at Ohio State: Scott Frost said he hopes the Buckeyes win every game except this one. That's how much he appreciates Ohio State leading the fight to play football. We all do. Ohio State, 73-7.

N.C. State at North Carolina: Just clean, good old-fashioned hate right here buddy, nobody has ever said to Dr. Football about this rivalry. N.C. State, 39-30.

Iowa State at Oklahoma State: Why do I feel like if Okie State loses this game, the Big 12 is eliminated from the College Football Playoffs? Oklahoma State, 42-34.

Kentucky at Missouri: Well, Gator fans, it's not like you have nothing to watch. You can scout Missouri — theoretically Florida's next opponent — and pass those suggestions on to Dan Mullen in his hermetically-sealed bunker. I'm sure he will appreciate the input. Kentucky, 28-27.

Virginia at Miami: It was Tom Petty's birthday this week. Would have been No. 70. The new expanded version of "Wallflowers" is out and includes a song I had in my Tuesday playlist called "Leave Virginia Alone." So, Miami, how about it? For Tom? No? Miami, 35-18.

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