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SEC Over/Unders have changed

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

Just when I thought we had made it to the first log mark in one of my many down-to-three-pages legal pads, it turns out we didn't.

(Seriously, if there is a black market for those cardboard back thingies that hold the legal pads together, I could make a killing.)

I divided this SEC season into segments and that was silly knowing what we were dealing with. I figured if everyone got through the first four games without a COVID-19 hitch and Florida got through them at 4-0, this season could really be something.

Still, we have learned a lot about the 14 teams in this conference and in most cases, we have been stunned by the truth. We thought we knew, but we didn't know, and, we still don't know.

Don't know how many games will be played. Don't know how many head coaches will be on the sidelines for the games. Don't know how many defensive coordinators will come out of their collective fogs.

Certainly, the over/unders changed for several teams. If you already had your bets in, sorry. 

As usual, any outcome still could be altered in this unique season by illness, injuries, suspensions, positive tests, promotions, demotions or the realization by the players that we are still playing tackle football in the SEC.

Anyway, here in the world of the new normal, these are my new normal over/unders for wins in this 10-game season. Remember, these are based on the 10-game season that could be wishful thinking.

Alabama: 9

I'm not saying Alabama will lose this week with Nick Saban sitting on his recliner eating Little Debbie snack cakes, but there will be a loss somewhere along the line. The question is — does Bama get more wins or three-and-outs? Right now, it's a tie.

Arkansas 3

Sam Pittman has the Razorbacks way ahead of where any of us thought they'd be, but the schedule is only going to get tougher. Arky should be at two wins right now, but the officials in their last game accidentally pulled their masks up over their eyes.

Auburn 5.5

The problem is you don’t know how many games you get the good Bo Nix and how many you get the bad Bo.

Florida 6.5

I'd take the over, but if the Gator defense continues to set the wrong kind of records this season could run off the rails very easily. And now Florida has the brutal Tennessee-LSU finish. Maybe I'd bet the under. 

Georgia 9

Seriously, if the Bulldogs get past Alabama this week, I'm not sure they lose a regular-season game. I know, Kirby Smart might have one of those games where he tries a fake punt from his own 1-yard line. But the back end of the schedule is so easy with four softies to finish.

Kentucky 4

Go ahead and figure out a team that could allow 42 points to an offensive wizard one week and two points to another one the next week. I guess wizardry is complicated. Good luck.

LSU 4.5

Show me three more wins. OK, now show me a fifth. It could come down to that newly-minted season-ender to see if the Bayou Bengals can get to .500. I guess the confetti has worn off.

Ole Miss 5

This now looks like a pretty manageable schedule even if the Rebs might have to score 50 to beat anybody. 

Miss. State 3

All of a sudden, everyone has figured out how to stop the Mike Leach offense and he's threatening to make malcontents walk the plank. And he still has A&M, Alabama, Georgia and Auburn on the schedule plus the Egg Bowl. Arggghhh!

Missouri 4

These Tigers are fortunate not to be 0-3 right now, but they have found their quarterback and get an extra week off.

South Carolina 2.5

Will Muschamp finally got a win and next up is the entire SEC West. That won't end well.

Tennessee 5.5

It will be interesting to see how the Vols bounce back from the second-half drubbing they received against Georgia. Still a lot of difficult games left on the horizon.

Texas A&M 8

OK, so maybe they fooled me and Kellen Mond didn't take some magic potion to become a great quarterback. But the Aggies are going to be favored in the rest of their games now that the heavy lifting is done.

Vanderbilt 1

We're still not sure the Commodores will finish the season. I can't tell you what that one win will be, but there is only one school with a shot to go 0-10.

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