The Picks: Crazy times get crazier

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

There is so much going on in the world of college football that it's difficult to keep up.

The NCAA is about the pass its Name, Image and Likeness legislation (where was this when I was on the St. Augustine High golf team?) and granted a one-time transfer for student-athletes.

You know, the very things we media boys and girls have been telling them to do for a decade. 

Then, there are games being canceled so quickly The Picks does not know whether to include some of them for fear of math. Doing 10 picks a week is kind of easy to keep track of, although I may be due for that yearly mess-up that a reader catches (see what I mean, fear of math).

This is and will be the strangest college football season ever and we are only three games deep in the SEC. And it's been rough on the mental health of a lot of people. With that in mind, I brought Leonard's Losers back for an annual appearance to cheer you up.

(Sorry if you don't know about Leonard Postero, but it would take too long to explain.)

So I asked the ghost of Leonard's Losers (now, it's you who is afraid) about the big Alabama-Georgia game Saturday.

Thanks for bringing me back in the middle of a pandemic. That virus is more ornery than a Tasmanian Devil with a cold sore. It looks like a peppermint patty that has been stepped on. The big game? OK. The pink pachyderms out of that village where the Tusks-ah-loosa have called the military to register all of its weapons. But the angry elephants have gone rogue and are playing defense like the kid who is afraid of the dodge ball. The Junkyard Dogs want to take a bite out of some Tide meat before they have to hurry home for dinner. Leonard's Loser ... Alabama. And hey, why aren't the scaly lizards playing this week?

Last week Dr. Football went 8-2. At this point, picking the Mississippi State game is becoming annoying. That's 25-5 overall with three losses being Mike Leach games. As Donald Sutherland said in Animal House, "This is my job!"

On to this week, which is another level of weird because the season has changed again.

Georgia at Alabama: I agree with Leonard. No Saban, no defense, not even an athletic director. The question is whether or not Georgia can score with Alabama, but if that defense is that defense, it won't have to. Georgia, 31-27.

Ole Miss at Arkansas: They are still playing, right? Here's my theory — the uncertainty of everything will work against Mississippi and Even Feleipe Franks will be able to light up this defense. Arkansas, 48-41.

North Carolina at Florida State: I have to admit, I was impressed with the way FSU played against Notre Dame. You know, the way you're impressed the first time your cat uses the litter box. North Carolina, 45-29.

Texas A&M at Mississippi State: Hey, Coach Leach. Is it possible for a team to score only one point in a game. You know, like, 27-1? Inquiring minds want to know. But this has all the makings for a letdown game for the Aggies. Please don't let me do this. Take my computer away! Mississippi State, 30-27.

Kentucky at Tennessee: So is the Vols Nation devastated and disinterested? Just be happy you have a game this week. Tennessee, 28-20.

Auburn at South Carolina: Here's your chance, Will Muschamp. And that's all I have to say about that. South Carolina, 23-20.

Pitt at Miami: Another one of these games that tests the mettle of a team after a hyped-up game turned into a beatdown. On the other hand, I wouldn't trust Pitt. Miami, 29-20.

BYU at Houston (Friday): I really like this BYU team. I mean, not like like. I don't want to take it to Starbucks or pass it notes in school. I just think the Cougars are good. I also like the other Cougars. No, I'm not saying I like cougars. Leave me alone. BYU, 50-47.

Boston College at Virginia Tech: There are fewer than 30 FBS games on TV Saturday. This is one of them. It must be important. Virginia Tech, 34-24.

UCF at Memphis: This was a late add because of the postponement of the Florida-LSU game. Actually, was it postponed or rescheduled? Or do they mean the same thing? UCF, 44-37.

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