The Picks: What week is this anyway?

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports

I know I am old, but I am having a difficult time trying to figure out which week to call this.

Is it Week Three, because it certainly feels like it here in the Gator Nation and in the SEC?

Is it Week Six, because it was back in September on a Thursday that we first saw an FBS team take the field?

Or is it Week Zero, because we are still waiting for two Power 5 conference teams to start playing so we can have a full schedule?

It's all so confusing.

We'll just call it "This Week."

Or we could come up with something clever. Like "Elimination Week." The loser of Tennessee-Georgia, with Florida and Alabama still among the teams on the schedule, could be in trouble. 

Or in the Little 12, the loser of the Red River Reflux will say a Nixonian goodbye (you know, the helicopter salute) to any fleeting hopes of making the College Football Playoffs and maybe the conference title game.

Or we could call this "Relevancy Saturday" because both Miami and Tennessee have worked so hard to be "back" and could see it all float away with just one ugly loss.

Dr. Football is getting a headache. Let's just call it Saturday and try to figure out how to handle three SEC games being played at the same time to start the day. A man can only have so many TVs. 

Last week was an 8-2 record for a 17-3 overall mark. That's 17-1 in every game that isn't Mississippi State. Mike Leach is to Dr. Football what the Chiefs are to Lamar Jackson.

Florida at Texas A&M: I remember the game in 2012 when Florida went to College Station and beat Johnny Manziel. It was his first game and the Aggies' first game in the league. Everyone was so nice. Howdy this and howdy that. After the game, they were talking about how much they enjoyed it. I'm guessing they have learned by now how to be true SEC fans. Florida, 34-24.

Tennessee at Georgia: Tennessee is physical enough the play with Georgia. Tennessee is fast enough to play with Georgia. Tennessee is clever enough to play with Georgia. Tennessee just isn't good enough to play with Georgia. Georgia, 31-17.

Miami at Clemson: Coach Manny Diaz said this week that, while this is a huge game for the Hurricanes, it's just another big game for Clemson. What he said. Clemson, 34-21.

Alabama at Ole Miss: Nick Saban has had nothing but good things to say about Lane Kiffin this week. Of course, he says nice things in public about that Aflac duck, too. Privately, he'd like to roast him with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. And I'm not talking about the duck. Alabama, 52-20.

Texas-Oklahoma: You could make the argument that this isn't even the biggest game in Texas this week. There's that Plano West-Little Elm game. Oklahoma, 50-48.

South Carolina at Vanderbilt: There are four 0-2 teams in the SEC East. On Sunday, there will be three. South Carolina, 28-17.

Arkansas at Auburn: I came into this season wondering if Auburn was going to be a contender or a pretender. That was before the Tigers pretended to play offense last week. Still, Arkansas is not going from 20 straight SEC losses to two straight wins. This year can't be that crazy. Can it? Auburn, 29-18.

Florida State at Notre Dame: New starting quarterback Jordan Travis has FSU fans a little more optimistic about the offense. Did I mention his breakthrough game came against Jacksonville State? Notre Dame, 31-13.

Mississippi State at Kentucky: Nooooo. I can't get the Leach Experience correct. I know. I'll go full Costanza and do the opposite of everything I believe in. Bizarro Bulldogs, 42-34.

Virginia Tech at North Carolina: Maybe we are biased over here in America's Conference, but this has to be the quietest game between two ranked unbeaten teams I can remember. Of course, I don't remember breakfast, several passwords, where I parked my car or whether I fed the dog or not. Carolina, 27-24.

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