SUNDAY BLOG: Aggies looking for statement

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports
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The Sunday Blog comes at you after a day in The Swamp that had all of the positives and a few of the negatives of being back for a Gator game. 

1. Florida goes back on the road this week and it feels like they are going to be facing a team that is angry because it has played so poorly or simply a team that isn't very good. Remember this however — this is a chance for a statement game for the Aggies and there is no team in America that needs to make a statement more than Jimbo Fisher's team. 

2. There seems to be constants in America's Conference and one of them is that Mark Stoops never seems to get a break. Now, part of the blame goes for players doing silly things like missing extra points and celebrating touchdowns before they actually have been scored. But the scene Saturday night of him running after the officials after the game to vent was typical Stoops. If he had some good luck — and better discipline — there is no telling what he could have accomplished. But now he's looking at a real shot of an 0-3 start in the league.

3. We bring you now to the part of the Sunday Blog that I like to call "The SEC Geek" which describes me better now that we have so few true Power Five conference representing (ACC, you get shotgun, but Big 12, find another ride.) So here we go with three stats that interest me, but you may find mundane:

•After the crazy first week of the season with teams throwing the ball all over the place like it was flag football, the league calmed down a bit in Week 2 with only one 400-yard passing game.(Congrats to Alabama's Mac Jones). The average in week one was 297.5 passing yards a game while this past week it dropped to 251.5. There are a number of reasons for the decline, but the SEC Geek only works with numbers, not theories.

•After a week where the SEC West won two of the three games between divisions, it holds a 5-3 lead on the East. That Ole Miss win in OT could prove to be a big win for the West down the road.

• We talked a lot this summer about home field advantage and whether it would be a factor anymore. In the first week, the visiting teams went 5-2. Last week, the home teams went 4-3. A lot of it as who played who where, but it's 6-8 for the visitors two weeks in.

4. For the life of me, I can't figure out what Auburn's offensive philosophy is. Feel free to share. What are the Tigers trying to do? I mean, Georgia's defense is that good, but come on.

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