Dooley at the half: Florida Gators secondary looks rough; QB Kyle Trask has magical half

Pat Dooley
Gator Sports
Florida quarterback Kyle Trask (11) releases a pass during the first half Saturday against Mississippi in Oxford, Miss.

Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley looks at the first half of the Florida-Ole Miss game with the Gators leading 28-14.

•Florida's secondary didn't look great in the first half and you can't blame it all on Shawn Davis getting ejected for targeting 10 plays into the game. (Davis Tweeted almost immediately that he thought the targeting was a terrible call). The Gators allowed 173 yards passing, although 45 came on a double pass. 

•On the other hand, there was the magical passing half that Kyle Trask had. The Gators struggled to get the running game going again and Trask had to air it out. But he looked more mobile and any half that includes four touchdown passes by your quarterback is a good half.

• I know it was only one half, but Kadarius Toney looked like the player we always thought he could be. Three catches for 47 yards and a 50-yard run. One touchdown. That's not being a human joystick. That's being a quality playmaker.

•Ole Miss started the game with both quarterbacks on the field and it will be interesting to see if Lane Kiffin comes back to that. Florida did not do well against the scramble in the first half. By the way, this was only my second time watching a Gator game on TV since 1994. I didn't like it. Too much fluff, not enough paying attention to what was going on in the game, How about when they ran three plays during a commercial. Nice.