Dooley: SEC, ACC holding steady for now, as Big Ten, Pac-12 cancel fall season

Pat Dooley
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Originally published on Aug 11, 2020 at 15:18

It may have been a death blow for the 2020 football season and by the time you are finished reading this, we may know for sure.

 Just follow the dominoes.

The Big Ten, again taking the lead rather than try to do this all together, canceled its season and shifted to the spring. But make no mistake about it, this doesn't mean there will be football in the spring in that conference. It just means there won't be any in the fall.

Here in the South, we can live without Big Ten football.

Who knows, we may have Big Ten football in the SEC. Although I doubt that teams will actually go play in another conference. The Big Ten's decision is more about who follows than who leads. 

The Pac-12 did what the Big Ten wanted it to. The Big 12 is supposed to be on the fence. The SEC and ACC are hoping to play, but more than anything they simply are not ready to call it yet.

The reasoning for the Big Ten is as much because of the latest information that COVID-19 is as much about what the lasting effects could be -- such as myocarditis -- than the immediate ones. 

The Big Ten presidents put the issues of health and potential lawsuits (and perhaps the possibility of the players unionizing) ahead of everything. 

So now what?

Is there a chance that the SEC will move its season back another month?

Or just punt?

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