3 takeaways from President Donald Trump's visit to Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

Joe Harrington Jean-Paul Fonte
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President Donald Trump visited Louisiana Saturday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Laura.

Laura, the earliest "L" hurricane on record and one of the most powerful storms to make landfall in U.S. history, had sustained winds of 150 mph when it made landfall on Thursday morning. The storm was just a few miles per hour away from being a Category 5 hurricane. 

The president issued a major disaster declaration Friday night before his visit. Gov. John Bel Edwards thanked the president. 

“I appreciate President Trump’s quick action on my request for a major disaster declaration, which will pave the way for getting aid to individuals and communities impacted by Hurricane Laura in Louisiana," Edwards said. 

The storm did most of its damage near and around Lake Charles, Louisiana, and made landfall close to Cameron, Louisiana. There were 10 reported deaths, including 14-year-old Cindy Miller of Leesville, who was the first reported causality of the storm.  

This isn't the first major hurricane of Trump's first term. Three years ago this month, Hurricane Harvey tore through parts of Texas and Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. 

Trump left Washington shortly after 10 a.m. central. The president was scheduled to visit Lake Charles and Orange, Texas, in the afternoon. 

 Here are some highlights from Trump's visit:

President Trump visits the Cajun Navy 

Shortly after landing at Chennault International Airport, he made a stop at a warehouse in Lake Charles to survey the Cajun Navy’s operation in the area in the wake of Hurricane Laura. The warehouse appeared to be holding supplies for those in need.

According to reports, he along with other lawmakers including Gov. John Bel Edwards and U.S. Sen. John Kennedy got a quick tour of the facility and joined the group in a brief prayer. 

"I just visited the Cajun Navy and relief center. They're fantastic," the president said during his address Saturday.

He also thanked pastors and people of faith in Louisiana helping families and communities to recover.

President says 'we'll take care of you'

During an address and conversation with officials in Lake Charles, Trump praised the state's ability to recover and pledged to supply whatever was needed. 

"One thing I know about this state: They rebuild it fast. No problem, " he said. "And we'll supply what we have to supply, and you know what a lot of that is — I think all green, right? 

"We'll take care of you," the president added, saying he would be speaking with officials. 

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The president said FEMA has delivered 2.6 million liters of water and 1.4 million meals to the affected area and complimented FEMA administrator Peter Gaynor on his response efforts.

Trump marks 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

In his address, Trump marked the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the New Orleans area on Aug. 29, 2005.

“Whether you come from Louisiana or 5th Avenue in New York City, you know all about Katrina. That was a bad, bad deal,” the president said. 

He said just as the state and the nation rallied to recover in the wake of Katrina they would do so again to recover from Laura.

“You came together and you rebuilt and America helped, and here we are today. And you’re going to have this situation taken care of very, very quickly.

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