Here's what Trump tweeted about on his way to massive Hurricane Laura destruction

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President Donald Trump visited Louisiana Saturday to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Laura, but he had more than Laura's destruction on his mind as he made his way there.

Laura, the earliest "L" hurricane on record and one of the most powerful storms to make landfall in U.S. history, had sustained winds of 150 mph when it made landfall on Thursday morning. The storm was just a few miles per hour away from being a Category 5 hurricane. 

The storm did most of its damage near and around Lake Charles, Louisiana, and made landfall close to Cameron, Louisiana. There were 12 reported deaths, including 14-year-old Cindy Miller of Leesville, who was the first reported casualty of the storm.  

According to reports, Trump boarded Air Force 1 carrying a red hat and umbrella shortly after 10 a.m. headed to Chennault International Airport in Lake Charles. Joining him on Air Force One was Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.). Trump launched into a series of tweets before 11 a.m. They arrived in Louisana shortly after noon.

Books and the convention were on Trump's mind and Twitter

Joe Biden was on his mind, too. 

Johnson took on a more serious tone in a Facebook post this morning. 

"It is so important for us that the president sees the scope of the destruction in person, and I'm grateful he is making this a priority," Johnson said. "So many of our people are struggling right now."

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