More than 70 Gator student-athletes earn degrees this spring

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Graduation ceremonies are back live on campus this spring. The University of Florida Athletic Association celebrates the accomplishments of 73 Gator student-athletes who will walk across the Exactech Arena at the Stephen C. O'Connell Center commencement stage this weekend or next month.  In addition, five receive graduate or undergrad certificates.

Spring commencement ceremonies begin Thursday, April 29 and run through Monday, May 3.

Eight were part of NCAA title teams during their careers:

2017 (outdoor), 2018 and 2109 (indoor) NCAA Track & Field – Connor Bandel, Clayton Brown and Jesse Millson.

2018 and 2019 NCAA Indoor Track & Field – Dawson Guillory, Cole Johnson, Edward Shelikoff and Jake Stanko.

2019 NCAA Indoor Track & Field – Raymond Ekevwo

One won an NCAA Individual title:

Raymond Ekevwo – 2019 NCAA Outdoor 4x100-meter relay

More Spring Gator Grad Notables:

20 earned All-America honors – Taylor Ault (swimming), Emma Ball (swimming), Connor Bandel (track & field), Chandler Bray (swimming), Clayton Brown (track & field), Raymond Ekevwo (track & field), Savanna Faulconer (swimming), Kelly Fertel (swimming), Brianna Harris (lacrosse) Abbie Harrelson (track & field), CJ Henderson (football), Natricia Hooper (track & field), Amelia Hundley (gymnastics), Shannon Kavanagh (lacrosse), Taylor Manson (track & field), Kala Penn (track & field), Grant Sanders (swimming), Nikki Stephens (track & field), Cara Trombetta (lacrosse) and Jacob Young (baseball).

Savanna Faulconer (swimming) and Kirby McMullen (baseball) receive $10,000 post-graduate scholarships as a H. Boyd McWhorter Scholar-Athlete award nominee.

Chandler Bray (swimming), Cole Johnson (track) and Lauren Waidner (golf) receive $5,000 postgraduate scholarships as a nominees for SEC Brad Davis Community Service Award.

17 graduate with honors.

Cum Laude: Madison Alexander (soccer), Taylor Ault (swimming), Dylan Brisco (swimming), Quaylin Crum (football), Georgia Darwent (swimming), Savanna Faulconer (swimming), Abbie Harrelson (track & field), Brianna Harris (lacrosse), Amelia Hundley (gymnastics), Cole Johnson (track & field), Jesse Millson (track & field), Ashley Pietra (soccer), Jack Ruskell (football), Edward Shelikoff (track & field), Josh Tse (football), Lauren Waidner (golf) and Jacob Young (baseball).

10 receive master's or doctorate degrees this weekend – Kerry Blackshear (basketball), Katie Chronister (softball), Bair Diamond (football), Jacob Finn (football), Ryan Parrish (football), Parker Roberts (soccer), Summer Stephens (swimming), Cara Trombetta (lacrosse), Trey Van Der Weide (baseball) and Emma Whitner (swimming)

2021 University of Florida Student-Athlete Spring Graduates

Name                        Sport                            Degree

Brock Edge               Baseball                       Food & Resource Economics

Cal Greenfield           Baseball                      Public Relations

Jack Leftwich            Baseball                      Sociology

Hunter McMullen      Baseball                        Food & Resource Economics

Trey Van Der Weide  Baseball                       Master- Sport Management

Sean Walsh               Baseball                       Criminology

Jacob Young              Baseball                        Marketing

Kerry Blackshear       Men's Basketball           Master- Sport Management

Anthony Duruji           Men's Basketball            Education Sciences

Lacedrick Brunson     Football                           African-American Studies

Quaylin Crum             Football                            Health Education & Behavior

Bair Diamond             Football                            Doctor – Medicine

Marlon Dunlap           Football                            African-American Studies

Jacob Finn                Football                             Master-Finance

Kemore Gamble        Football                            African-American Studies

CJ Henderson           Football                             Education Sciences

James Houston         Football                              Education Sciences

C.J. McWilliams          Football                            Sport Management

TJ Moore                    Football                              Education Sciences

Tre Orr                        Football                              Sport Management

Ryan Parrish               Football                                Doctor – Medicine

Austin Perry                Football                                 Education Sciences

Jack Ruskell                Football                                 Mechanical Engineering

Donovan Stiner            Football                                  Sport Management

Trey Thompson            Football                                   Biology

Josh Tse                       Football                                   Biomedical Engineering

Rick Wells                    Football                                    Education Sciences

Marco Wilson               Football                                   Education Sciences

Chandler Bray            MSwimming                Communication Sciences and Disorders

Dylan Brisco                Men's Swimming                     Computer Science

Grant Sanders             Men's Swimming                      African-American Studies

Connor Bandel            Men's Track & Field                 Materials Science & Engineering

Clayton Brown              Men's Track & Field                 Tourism, Events, & Recreation

Raymond Ekevwo         Men's Track & Field                 African-American Studies

Dawson Guillory             Men's Track & Field                African-American Studies

Cole Johnson                  Men's Track & Field               Chemistry-biochemistry

Jesse Millson                 Men's Track & Field                 Telecommunication

Edward Shelikoff              Men's Track & Field                 Mechanical Engineering

Jake Stanko                      Men's Track & Field                Construction Management

Emer Nichols                     Women's Basketball               Telecommunication

Elin Esborn                       Women's Golf                             Psychology

Marta Perez                     Women's Golf                              Telecommunication

Lauren Waidner                   Women's Golf                           Psychology

Vanasia Bradley                      Gymnastics                          Sport Management

Amelia Hundley                       Gymnastics         Family, Youth & Community Sciences and Education Sciences

Kassidy Bresnahan                    Lacrosse                                Education Sciences

Kaitlyn Dabkowski                          Lacrosse                            Advertising

Brianna Harris                                Lacrosse                           Mathematics

Grace Haus                                    Lacrosse                         Sport Management

Shannon Kavanagh                         Lacrosse                        Health Education & Behavior

Cara Trombetta                                Lacrosse                     Master-Health Education and Behavior

Annie Wright                                    Lacrosse                         Education Sciences

Madi Alexander                                Soccer                            Dietetics

Ashley Pietra                                 Soccer                             Biology

Parker Roberts                              Soccer                          Master- Management

Katie Chronister                           Softball                        Master - Sport Management

Jaimie Hoover                               Softball                     African-American Studies

Natalie Lugo                                 Softball                        Sport Management

Taylor Ault                                     Women's Swimming     Biology

Emma Ball                                    Women's Swimming      Environmental Sciences

Georgia Darwent                      Women's Swimming        Psychology and Education

Savanna Faulconer                   Women's Swimming      Microbiology and Cell Sciences

Kelly Fertel                              Women's Swimming         Telecommunication

Summer Stephens                  Women's Swimming          Master - Physician Assistant Studies

Emma Whitner                          Women's Diving                 Master - Finance

Victoria Emma                              Women's Tennis             Sport Management

Kristine Akervold                            Women's Track & Field    Marketing

Abbie Harrelson                              Women's Track & Field    Elementary Education

Natricia Hooper                             Women's Track & Field     Sport Management

Taylor Manson                                 Women's Track & Field    Health Education & Behavior

Kala Penn                                           Women's Track & Field    Sport Management

Nikki Stephens                                      Women's Track & Field    Political Science

Paige Hammons                                  Volleyball                          Education Sciences


Nick Blasucci                                        Baseball              Graduate Certificate- Sport Management

Kirby McMullen                                     Baseball                  Undergraduate Certificate- Sport Management

Suzi Espinoza                                     Soccer                 Undergraduate Certificate- Sport Management

Nadia Williams                                   Women's Track & Field        Undergraduate Certificate- Sport Management

Holly Carlton                                   Volleyball                                Undergraduate Certificate- Spanish for the Professions