Whitley: Bucs' Brady knows secret to remaining youthful

David Whitley
Gainesville Sun
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady walks with his wife, Gisele Bündchen, following the Super Bowl 55 win Sunday over the Kansas City Chiefs in Tampa.

Some of history's finest sports columnists have devoted weekly space to a collection of notes and musings.

It's a handy way to inform readers of things they might have missed. More importantly, it spares the writer from having to come up with a real column.

I'm not one of history's finest sports columnist, but I'm always willing to rest my feeble brain. So without further ado, here's my first notes column. ...

Wait, these things are usually given clever names. I was going to use "The Back Nine," but former Sun columnist Pat Dooley wanted $100,000 for the rights. So for now the working title will be "Notes, quotes and other stuff that might be true." ...

Florida's football recruiting class was ranked in the top 13 after last week's final signing day. That's pretty good until you consider four SEC teams were in the top 10.

Alabama was No. 1, as usual. If you want to know why, any rival can tell you it's because NICK SABAN LIES!

 The evidence is a Zoom call Saban had with a recruit. Someone leaked the video to Barstool Sports last week, and in it Saban tells the unidentified prospect that Bama has won six of the past 11 national championships and has far more players in the NFL than anyone else.

"We had 64 guys in the league last year," he said. "The next school had 41."

Wrong-O, Nick.

Alabama has won six of the past 12 titles. And according to the NCAA, the Crimson Tide had 56 players in the NFL this past season. That was No. 1, but Ohio State had 50 and LSU had 41.

The Gators were No. 4 with 39. Michigan was next with 33, but they counted Tom Brady as three players. It's probably up to five after the Super Bowl.

Otherwise, Saban's sales pitch challenges players to become the best by competing against the best every day in practice.

 "This ain't for everybody," he tells the recruit. "Everybody can't play for the Yankees, man."

Super Bowl leftovers ...

The game got a bigger TV rating in the Boston market (57.5) than in Tampa (52.3). That despite the fact every TV in Bill Belichick's house was turned off by halftime.

The real MVP wasn't Brady, it was his "body coach," Alex Guerrero, who relocated to Tampa to make sure Brady stuck to his age-defying diet and lifestyle, which includes wearing "bioceramic recovery sleepwear" to bed.

 No disrespect to Brady's pajamas, but I think most men would credit Brady's youthfulness to sleeping with a supermodel wife. ...

Georgia hired Will Muschamp as an off-field defensive analyst last week. "He'll coach the coaches," head coach Kirby Smart said.

Muschamp was fired from South Carolina, where he walked away with a $12.9 million buyout. He got a $6.3 million buyout at Florida.

I don't know about defense, but Muschamp's certainly qualified to coach coaches on how to get paid to leave town. ...

Due to Canada's COVID-19 rules, the Toronto Raptors are exiled to Tampa this season. If they win the NBA title, would it count for Toronto or give Tampa Bay three world championship teams?

My body coach will not relocate with me to Gainesville. Dooley says he will let me borrow his guy. ...       

Too-Early Odds.

Despite scoring nine points against the Bucs, Kansas City is a 6/1 favorite to win the 2022 Super Bowl. Tampa Bay and Green Bay are 9/1. Alabama is 12/1. ...

Today in History:

1824 — John Quincy Adams is elected president by the U.S. House of Representatives. Speaker Nancy Pelosi then votes to impeach Donald Trump.

1946 — Tom Brady wins his record seventh Punt, Pass & Kick competition and starts dating Elizabeth Taylor.

1964 — Almost 75 million people watch the Beatles make their U.S. debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show." Nobody turns off their TV at halftime. ...

 Politically Incorrect Note of the Week: Nike's marketing department is calling Serena Williams the greatest female athlete of all time. No disrespect to Williams, but I have to go with Caitlyn Jenner. ...

Saban Redux — The Yankees' 2021 player payroll is $196 million. That would place it No. 3 in the SEC West behind Alabama and Texas A&M. ...

That's it for this week. If you can think of a better slogan for this column, please give me a shout. Vegas has installed "Reading This Will Beat A Poke In The Eye" as an early 3/1 favorite.

— David Whitley is The Gainesville Sun's sports columnist. Contact him at