College football predictions: SEC Quarterbacks have really come of age

David Whitley
Gator Sports

Juan Vincente Perez Mora probably doesn’t watch much college football at his Venezuelan home. If he did, Mora might get motivated to walk on at an SEC school.

Mora is the world’s oldest man, clocking in at 113 years old. The SEC is vying to be home to the world’s oldest college quarterbacks.

Georgia’s Stetson Bennett IV will turn 25 in a couple of weeks. Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker is 24. Kentucky’s Will Levis is 23 and could still return for another season.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about having quarterbacks who were born in the last century. It just seems a bit unfair that arguably the SEC’s best two teams are led by guys who would normally be in the NFL or selling insurance.

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We can blame this partially on COVID-19. The NCAA granted an extra year of eligibility to athletes who competed in the 2020-21 seasons. Players used to have five years to complete four full seasons. With “Covid Years” thrown in, they can now play five seasons in six years.

In theory, Anthony Richardson could be Florida’s QB through the 2025-26 season. If he is, AR would still be younger than Bennett is right now.

Course, ex-Florida QB Kyle Trask is also younger than Bennett and Hooker. So is ex-ex-QB Feleipe Franks. At this point, might as well check birth certificates to make sure Bennett and Hooker aren’t older than Rex Grossman.

I don’t know if there should be a hard and fast rule when it comes to age limits. It just seems that if a player is too old for Leonardo DiCaprio to date (assuming he’s into guys), that player shouldn’t be competing against guys who are barely old enough to vote.

Speaking of creeping senility, I went 6-4 last week. If I keep that up, the DMV needs to take away my license to prognosticate.

Home-field advantage should help Gators

LSU at Florida – These teams are almost mirror images. Brand names on the rebuild. Inconsistent quarterbacks. Questionable depth. Both lost to Tennessee. First-year coaches, though Billy Napier’s Southern accent is authentic. It’s always a guessing game with these teams, but the home field should make the difference. Florida 27-20.

Alabama at Tennessee – I noted earlier the Volunteers were arguably one of the best two teams in the SEC. That’s because arguably, Bryce Young’s right shoulder is still not functioning properly. How that argument goes will likely determine this one. I’m banking on Young being able to wing it against Tennessee and the Tide re-assuming top-two status. Alabama 31-24.

Kansas at Oklahoma – The last time the Jayhawks beat the Sooners, Juan Vincente Perez Mora was in the 3rd grade and Oklahoma QBs were capable of completing a forward pass. That’s apparently no longer possible as long as Dillon Gabriel is sidelined. I’m assuming he’ll be back and OU is tired of being humiliated. Oklahoma 30-23.

Age Trivia – According to Guinness, the oldest man in history was Japan’s Jiroemon Kimura, who died in 2013 at the age of 116. The oldest man in ACC history was FSU’s Jiroemon “Chris” Weinke, who won the Heisman Trophy at age 28.

Arkansas at BYU – After missing last week’s game, KJ Jefferson’s headache has reportedly cleared. If Arkansas loses its fourth straight game, the Red Cross might have to deliver aspirin to every corner of the state. Hold off the shipments for now. Arkansas 27-24.

USC at Utah – So far, Lincoln Riley is worth every penny of the $110 million USC threw at him. Just ask Oklahoma. But the Trojans haven’t played anyone as good as the Utes, who were looking ahead in last week’s loss to UCLA. Surely, they can’t go 0-for-Los Angeles. Utah 28-22.

Age Trivia II – According to Genesis, the oldest man in history was Methuselah, who lived to be 969. Scholars question his Oldest Man eligibility since Methuselah was reportedly granted approximately 877 COVID Years.

Mississippi State at Kentucky – Kentucky minus Will Levis is like Abe Simpson without his nerve pills. He’s supposedly back from a foot injury, but you know how it takes longer for old people to heal. Mississippi State 31-23.

Clemson at FSU – The Seminoles have been a mix of spunk and ineptitude. Among other things, they could use a steadier QB, but Chris Weinke is too old to return again. D.J. Uiagalelei has finally evolved into Mr. Dependable for the Tigers. Unless he suddenly reverts to the D.J. Uiagalelei of 2021. Clemson 24-17.

Did You Know - Stetson Bennett IV is 175 in dog years.

Penn State at Michigan – I’ve gotten this far and realized I haven’t picked an Upset Special. This one has that scent. Penn State 20-17.

Auburn at Ole Miss – Rebels QB Jaxson Dart turned a mere 19 in May. Tigers coach Bryan Harsin is 45. The way he’s going, he’ll cash a $15 million buyout long before Dart turns 20. Ole Miss 31-18.

Vanderbilt at Georgia – Unless Stetson Bennett IV forgets his walker, Georgia 43-7.

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