Florida tight end Kemore Gamble answers five questions

Zach Abolverdi
Gator Sports
Florida tight end Kemore Gamble leaves Vanderbilt's De'Rickey Wright (30) behind as he scores a touchdown in the second half of last year's game in Nashville. Florida won 38-17.

Kemore Gamble's involvement in Florida's offense has increased since the start of SEC play. 

After no receptions in the first two non-conference games, the redshirt senior tight end has caught 10 passes for 74 yards and a touchdown over the last three weeks. 

How do you recalibrate team goals after losing two SEC games?

A: The only good thing about it is we got another chance to play again the next Saturday. Just keep focusing and just keep playing each game. That game is in the past. Don’t let that game bring you down, keep playing hard. Keep playing for your family, your friends, the fans and most importantly your teammates.

What's the importance of staying united during a 1-2 skid?

A: Pointing fingers doesn’t get you nowhere. Pointing fingers is like bringing someone down. We're all as one. We lost the game as one. In the newspaper, it isn’t going to say whatchamacallit lost this game. It’s going to say the Florida Gators lost this game. That’s it never matters where you point fingers. We lost as a team. We’re one, we’re all brothers and we don’t let stuff get to us.

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What did you learn from the 4-7 season in 2017 as a cautionary tale for this year? 

A: I learned you only have an opportunity to play the next week. You have something to play for each and every week and don’t let one game bring you down. ... We want to eliminate our mistakes from the last game and keep focused.

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How did the offense address the penalty issues this week and try to move forward as a unit?

A: At the end of the day, we’re still humans. We still have a love for the game, but I guess people think we’ve got to be Mr. Perfect all the time. No one’s perfect in the world. You’re going to mess up. You’re going to have ups and downs. You’ve got to keep fighting and just keep grinding out. Push the next door open and just continue being great.

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Is that love of the game the team's ultimate motivator?

A: Yeah, I think everyone on the team’s got a love for the game. We come out working hard each and every day. If I ain’t have love for the game, I know I wouldn’t be out there each and every day practicing hard and busting my behind off and then going out there just wanting to lose. I’m trying to win each and every week.