Kentucky appeared angry, Florida ready to take over. Then the Wildcats blocked a field goal and it all changed.

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Before it happened, Kentucky's sideline was livid and Florida was ready to, if not pull away, at least give itself a cushion. 

And then, one kick later, it all changed.

With the Gators up 10-7, they lined up for a 48-yard field goal from Jace Christmann, who had previously kicked a 51-yarder. But Christmann's kick was met by the hand of Kentucky's Josh Paschal.

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Trevin Wallace then scooped the ball up and sprinted away, as Wildcat fans exploded in glee at Kroger Field. A 76-yard return later, Kentucky was in front.

Not much before that, as ESPN reported from the sideline, Kentucky's coaches and players were livid. One major reason was a perceived non-call of pass interference when Kentucky's Wan'dale Robinson was brought down near the goal line on a long pass by Will Levis. (Twitter user's opinion below is his.)

The Wildcats' coach, Mark Stoops -- the brother of former Gators defensive coordinator Bob Stoops -- was especially beside himself.

The blocked kick return by Wallace changed all of that, as both the sideline and fans' attitudes seemed to completely flip.

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