Watch the Florida Gators start the second half with a double pass for touchdown

Jonathan Tully
Gator Sports

The first half had been the relative equivalent of the early rounds of a boxing match between evenly matched fighters — one or two occasional big swings, but mostly jabs and body shots, figuring each other out.

Florida decided it knew what it needed to do as the second half began against the Volunteers, throwing the day's first real haymaker.

The Gators marched downfield with a strong drive, keyed by a Emory Jones-to-Justin Shorter 33-yard shot that got Florida past midfield. 

Then at the Tennessee 13, the Gators decided to try something that they'd seen work on film against the Volunteers — a double pass.

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Watch Charlie Whittemore pass to Kemore Gamble for a double-pass TD

Jones threw a lateral to wideout Charlie Whittemore, who spotted and tossed it to a wide-open Kemore Gamble in the end zone.

And Florida goes up 24-14.

The Gators clearly had spotted it in the film room, because this kind of play had worked before against the Vols.

Two weeks ago, Pittsburgh performed the exact same play for a touchdown in a 41-34 Tennessee loss. 

And Tennessee Tech attempted two double passes against the Vols the following week — unsuccessfully both times.