What were the big plays in the Swamp as the Florida Gators narrowly lost to the Alabama Crimson Tide

Jonathan Tully
Gator Sports

In a wild, wild SEC Championship in 2020, Alabama beat Florida 52-46 in the highest scoring title game in conference history.

It nearly got matched in a 31-29 Alabama win over Florida at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

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Here's a look at the big plays from the 2021 version. 

Before the game: Tim Tebow's feeling pretty good about things

Tim Tebow predicted the Gators would surprise the top-ranked Crimson Tide on SEC Nation. Needless to say, the Gainesville crowd was in his corner.

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Alabama strikes very quickly: Young-to-McClellan

Bryce Young hits Jace McClellan for a quick touchdown pass early in the first quarter for Alabama.

Gators answer? Malik Davis for 20

Running back Malik Davis heads up field and puts Florida in good position. The Gators come away with a Chris Howard field goal, and it's 7-3.

Young's second touchdown pass makes it 14-3, Tide

Bryce Young's second touchdown goes to Jahleel Billingsley, and it's 14-3.

Turnover: Emory Jones gets drilled and it's a pick

Jalyn Armour-Davis benefits from pressure on Florida's Emory Jones, and it's an interception for the Tide. Still in the first quarter

Touchdown pass No. 3: Bryce Young-to-Bryan Robinson Jr.

Alabama's trying to end this one early -- no shootout like in 2020. This time, the Tide turns an interception into six as Young hits Brian Robinson Jr., and it's 21-3. And still, it's the first quarter.

Great play by Kaiir Elam on defense, but is he hurt?

Florida's standout defensive back Kaiir Elam makes a great play to slow the Crimson Tide down, but appears to hurt his hip on the play. We'll keep an eye on this.

Malik Davis gets the Gators — and the crowd — back into this game

Malik Davis takes the handoff and suddenly Florida's back in this game, and so's the crowd in the Swamp. It's quite loud!

And here come the Gators! Touchdown! Dameon Pierce!

Dameon Pierce finishes off the opening second-half drive for Florida, and suddenly, it's 21-16, and the Swamp is ALIVE.

Meat and potatoes touchdown for Alabama, and the lead is 12

Alabama sees the need to try and put the Gators away, and go with an I-formation play to Brian Robinson Jr. to go up 28-16.

Gators go 99 yards, cut it back to 5 as Emory Jones finishes the job

A disastrous fair catch of a kickoff, resulting in the ball going out on the 1, backed the Gators up as far as they could be. But they marched down field, and capped the drive with Emory Jones calling his own number.

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And Gators make it even closer! Dameon Pierce again! Just a two-point conversion to go!

After Alabama gets a field goal, pushing the lead to 8, the Gators drive the ball right back down the field again. This time, Dameon Pierce charges over from the 17 and it's a two-point game! Can they get a two-pointer to tie it up with 3:10 left?

Unfortunately, no. The Gators can't get the ball across, and still trail 31-29. 

Alabama is able to kill the clock for the most part, leaving the Gators with one play.

One final shot: Can the Gators do it?

Unfortunately, Emory Jones is sacked and Florida comes up just short. Final score: 31-29.