Five Questions with Florida safety Donovan Stiner

Graham Hall
Special to The Sun
Florida defensive back Donovan Stiner

Florida senior safety:

Q: Has it sunk in yet that Saturday’s your last home game at Florida?

A: No, not really. It kinda hasn't hit me that it's almost over here. But, nah, I feel we've just been so busy going week-to-week that I haven't really had the time to reflect that much.

Q: Do you have family coming to the game even though they can’t be on the field this year?

A: My parents will be here, and my older brother.

Q: How tough was it going through a coaching change after your freshman year, and how far has the program come since?

A: It was really tough, but looking back I feel like we're all blessed. We went from being 4-7 to winning the Peach Bowl, going to the Orange Bowl, now we're in the SEC championship. We went from, yeah, like I said, 4-7, now we have like a Heisman-contending quarterback. So, I think we've been through a lot of ups and downs, but (considering) where we are now I think it was all worth it.

Q: What do you make of Kyle Trask’s case to win the Heisman Trophy? 

A: I’ll say it’s no question, just look at the numbers. It’s an easy decision. I know my opinion is biased, but even if I wasn’t a Gator, I feel like it’s an easy decision.

Q: What does it say about the secondary that the unit hasn’t dropped off despite recent injuries?

A: I think it says that we’re really mature at this point in the season, we’ve got guys that are smart and know most of the positions. So, if somebody goes down, we can just shift over and play whatever position is needed. Just to be out there communicating, playing fast and, like I said, it shows that we’re really mature.