Five questions with Florida reserve quarterback Emory Jones

Robbie Andreu
Gator Sports
Florida quarterback Emory Jones runs down the field against Vanderbilt on Nov. 21 at Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville, Tenn.

Florida's sophomore quarterback: 

Q: How much are you enjoying watching Kyle Trask have the season he’s having?

 A: It’s crazy. It’s really exciting to watch because I see the things he does every day and in the meeting rooms and how he prepares himself and how it actually translates to the game. It’s teaching me all these things, being able to watch it. It’s just crazy.

Q: Does Trask’s path to becoming a starter keep you from getting discouraged?

 A: Most definitely. It does nothing but help me because it kept me confident just seeing the things that he does and how he handles his business week in and week out. It just keep me motivated. It keeps me looking forward. I can’t wait until it’s my turn.

Q: Are you ever amazed about his decision making and some of the throws he makes?

 A: I mean he does it every day in practice. It’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. It just really makes me happy because I know what he’s been through, how he’s just been sitting for a while. Just seeing him actually wait his turn and have his opportunity to go out there and now he’s showing the world exactly what he can do and that is what is keeping me happy about him.

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 Q: What’s your weight situation and what do you think you will ultimately bring to the program?

 A: Last year I was playing at around, I would say like 198 to 200. And playing last year and taking the hits I was taking, I just knew I had to put on more weight. So I put on like 10 to 15 pounds, so I'm around like 210, 212, somewhere around there. What do I bring to the game? Obviously I bring like a running attribute, but I don't think anybody's really actually seen me throw the ball a lot. I feel like that will surprise some people, honestly. I'm just waiting for that opportunity. I just feel like it's going to be hard for a lot of defenses to stop my running ability, throwing the ball, our running backs and our receivers that we have. I just feel like it's going to be hard for anybody to stop that.

Q: Not knowing when you’re going into the game, how much have you grown from that?

 A: I would say coach (Dan) Mullen really put that in me early. So I would say around my freshman year he started throwing me in there like any time. The first four games that I could play my redshirt year, he told me he would never tell me the games I would play in. So that was kind of just like telling me that, just make sure that I'm ready any time my number is called. So since then, like last year, we were doing that throughout the year. I'm kind of used to it now. It doesn't really faze me. I'm always ready on the sideline to go.