Five questions with Florida quarterback Kyle Trask

Robbie Andreu
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Here are the thoughts of Florida Gators senior quarterback Kyle Trask going into Saturday's game against Vanderbilt. 

Q: Dan Mullen said he wants his quarterback to know the why. When did that click for you?

 A: Well, I've always kind of had somewhat of a freedom. I would say that probably has increased this season as far as checking plays goes. As far as the 'why' goes, behind plays, when I came in last year I kind of stepped into a role that I needed to fill big shoes and just know the play, know my read, and get the ball to the right person's hands. This year, having that whole year of experience, I know exactly what the play is, and I can tell what the coaches are thinking by the play call as far as where we want to go with the ball versus what defense.

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Q: How do you nitpick your performance against Arkansas when you’re always looking to improve?

 A: Well, obviously you want to strive for perfection. I just think we didn't have a lot of missed assignments on offense. We did a very good job at executing. There's always going to be those couple of plays that we should have done this or that, and we're going to get them cleaned up. And like I've said in the past, we want to score on every single drive. We didn't do that, and we're going to get the minor things that we messed up cleaned up, and just continue to improve.

Q: Are you more comfortable now checking into different plays once you see the defense?

 A: I’m very comfortable with it. Coach Johnson and Coach Mullen just do a great job of letting me know what we’re doing and what we’re up against, and we knew Arkansas, they were either going to play a lot of zone or some man. Most times I checked the ball down, they were dropping everybody out and they were just giving us the underneath checkdown, and that all goes back to the why behind why you do things, and getting the ball into the right person’s hands.

Q: How much has left offensive tackle Stone Forsythe improved?

 A: I think Stone has done a very good job this year and hasn't gotten a whole lot of credit for the way he's playing this season. And I think he really should because he's pretty much been locking it down there on the left side this whole season. He's got a lot of games under his belt, and he's understanding the why behind what we're doing things, too. So, he knows why we're running certain plays or calling certain protections. Not only him, but I think a lot of other guys on our line have that experience and have been doing a great job.

Q: How do you stay motivated against a winless Vanderbilt team?

 A: Well, last year we kind of got off to a slow start against them. Now this year, we're going to be looking to obviously get to a faster start than last year. They're not going to have many fans, but this whole entire season we haven't really been used to having a lot of fans anyway, so it’s just going to be another week of creating our juice from the inside out.

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